#Astronasty #RedAlert Jul 24 – Aug 10th #astrology


Astro-Nasties Alert Condition RED

Well , Not EXACTLY like this, BUT we need to be extra cautious the next several days as Fiery MARS starts his turn at T-Squaring Retrograde Uranus in Aries ( nasty surprises / accidents )  and butting heads with Pluto (lord of the Underworld) in Capricorn  . this in and of itself wasn’t bad enough, Saturn in Scorpio is in a “Mutual Reception”  with Pluto in capricorn.  In a Mutual reception, think of it as a bit of a hidden teaming up of the planets and signs involved.    Like a treaty or an alliance.

We are already feeling the effects of these “astronasties” in the news… Amanda BynesPyro moment ( Mars and Aries are both fire starters),

The San Francisco Airline Crash,

Southwest Airlines landing gear collapse at La Guardia ( thankfully no one was seriously injured)

The Canadian Rail Disaster 


and the very recent commuter train accident in Spain

Natural Gas Rig Burns in Gulf of Mexico

(Thanks to CNN.com for the news stories and images )

In that Mars (fire military warfare, anger, action) is just now coming into Orb ( range of effect) of the T-Square with Uranus (surprises, breaking, freedom) and Pluto (extremes, corruption,power) and we also have Mercury (news, commerce, commutes) and Jupiter (big, expanding , ) all in the mix , we wont get a breather till the end of the month UNLESS Mars decides to go retrograde back over this sensitive “spot” in Cancer yet again.    I’ll keep watching for it so stay tuned.

The next rounds of “Astro-nasties” will take place in Libra (late september to mid october-ish) and this winter, during Capricorn season. On the thankful side, with Uranus and Pluto not exactly squaring, these conflicts will be far less potent.

Personally, I will be very, very, VERY relieved when Uranus and Pluto stop doing this “danger dance” together sometime next year, when Uranus finally pulls ahead of aspecting with Pluto.  This has been a horrible few years especially for The Aries, Libras , Cancers and Capricorns.

On an UP note, there are a few very positive aspects still in the works, the grand water trine to dampen things down quite a bit, a “mystic rectangle” , and a “Star of David” are all in the works, shwoing us that better times ARE, indeed , in the works.

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