Colors of the Zodiac #astrology color palettes

Colors of the Zodiac


I ran across these color palettes while doing research on my Moon Signs pages. I found it interesting how the following color schemes appeared as primary colors used by moon signs in female charts and as sun signs in men’s charts.

The Wiggles – Rainbow Of Colours

Now the theory is this, whatever planetary astrological energies you want to invoke, surround yourself with the colors of the sign said planets are in.. For example, if you have a jupiter in Leo ( as I have) then warm colors of the Leo spectra will bring growth and expansion.   In Fashion design and clothing, we will be drawn to wear the colors associated with our Moon signs. In the Musical videos I use SOOO much, look as primary and secondary color themes.

Color Aries

Color Spectra of Aries

Color Taurus

Color spectra of Taurus

Color Gemini

Color spectra of gemini

Color Cancer

Color spectra of Cancer

Color Leo

Color Spectra of Leo

Color Virgo

Color Spectra of Virgo

Color Libra

Color Spectra of Libra

Color Scorpio

Color Spectra of Scorpio

Color Sagittarius

Color Spectra of Sagittarius

Color Capricorn

Color Spectra of Capricorn

Color Aquarius

Color Spectra of Aquarius

Color Pisces

Color Spectra of Pisces

I would let you know, However, that these spectra are not a replacement for the traditional Zodiacal colors BUT as a supplement TO them.   If you want to find examples of these colors in the various moon and sun signs, check out my musical astrology sun and moon pages


11 thoughts on “Colors of the Zodiac #astrology color palettes

  1. I am a pisces 12th house sun and mars and the pisces colors described here are my favorite colors. They are everywhere in my home, my paintings and on my favorite clothes.

    I also know the scorpio colors to be true. When I need to paint my feelings I use red, grey, white and black. My moon is in scorpio.

    My ascendant in taurus corresponds to rose and green colors, I am surprised to find yellow there.

    1. I am glad you have liked the colors associations . It is nice to see visitors getting the concepts I ma trying to get across to the ‘themes’ associated with the signs 🙂 Thanks you for visiting and for the kind comments 🙂

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