#Venus in #Scorpio .. She is Very Much Like This …

Venus in Scorpio


Well, Venus in Scorpio isn’t THAT bad .. but ALMOST

Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend

People born with Venus in Scorpio will place a very high importance on sex in their lives. They can be incredibly sexually magnetic. They are always a little dark and mysterious and maybe a little scary. They are very guarded and secretive about their emotions. In relationships they are committed and loyal but there will always be an element of mystery. They will never give everything away about themselves to their lover. They will always keep their friends and lovers wondering. They may have secret affairs. They may just prefer to keep their relationships private and away from public scrutiny.

They enjoy being around people who are “real”. They are not superficial. They love people for who they are not what they look like. But it takes them a very long time to decide if they are worthy of that love. They don’t have many friends but the one’s they do have are for life. They are very protective and loyal to the ones they care about.


Scorpiovenus 1

Women born with Venus in Scorpio will be incredibly sexually magnetic. They may not necessarily be “pretty” or commercially attractive but they will draw people in with their raw sexual power. They tend to keep a very natural look and usually don’t wear a lot of makeup. They may dress in dark clothing. They may cover their whole body with clothes just to keep people guessing what they look like under there. They may also dress in form fitting clothing that accentuates all of their sexy parts.

Patti Smith – Because The Night

Venus in Scorpio can be many body types but their figure will always scream SEX! They look look great in black and dark reds and blues. Scorpio is the sign of purging and purification so they can also look great in white. They usually have a very cool and unique style of dress. Their style is always very original and uniquely “them”. They will usually have deep watery eyes and a flirtatious smile.

Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

Women with Venus in Scorpio do not always have many friends. Unless they have other planets in Libra or Sagittarius they won’t be very social. They will stick to themselves and the people they trust the most. It takes a lot to win their trust. And it will be extremely difficult for them to forgive if anyone ever violates their trust. They are very loyal to their friends. They are always honest and will always have their back in a caring and supportive way. They are extremely perceptive and always see into the heart of every situation, so they usually give great advice.

Meg RyanAddicted to Love

Venus in Scorpio loves to do weird, dark, unusual stuff. They are usually trendsetters in their group because they try things that other people are afraid to try. They may love going out at night and doing weird things like night time skinny dipping at the beach, or trying some new exotic ethnic restaurant that nobody knows about, or having some psychedelic experience with some Peruvian Shaman. They love going there and just being weird.

Annie Lennox / Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Venus in Scorpio tends to love astrology and the occult. They are all about investigating the dark and mysterious sides of things. They can be fascinated with magic and psychedelic experiences. They may use or abuse substances. It’s important that they strictly control their intake so that it doesn’t get out of hand.

Sigourney Weaver

Ghostbusters – There Is No Dana, Only ZUUL

Venus in Scorpio may prefer friends who have dark personalities or are counter to the dominant culture in their life. They love the underworld and often go against the mainstream in their style and with their friends. Whatever is popular in their particular circle or society they may naturally do the opposite. They prefer to take the road less traveled.

Grace Slick -/ Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit

In relationships, Venus in Scorpio women are extremely loyal. They have very high standards and are very selective. If they have chosen you, then you have already passed a bunch of their secret tests. They may be the types to have sex on the first date. Its important for them to know if they can deal with you sexually before they can proceed to any deeper emotions with you. They love sex at a very instinctive level. They are very natural at sex and their partner has to have a lot of natural sexual ability too. They don’t like anything fake in bed and they can tell if someone is not really into it.

INNA – Be My Lover

They may also be the types to wait until a deep commitment before having sex. They may be aware of their sexual power and want to be sure you can handle it before they allow you to experience it.

Nelly Furtado – Maneater

Women with Venus in Scorpio can be very obsessive in relationships. They can also be a bit possessive. It takes a lot for them to give their heart away. So they want to be sure that you are ALL THEIRS.

If you break their hearts you have made the mistake of your life. They are so cautious with their heart and their trust. So if you do anything to violate it, you are probably just a bad person and deserve whatever sting you get. Its important to be honest with Venus in Scorpio. They can handle it and prefer it. If you don’t like them, don’t lead them on.


The Doors – Light My Fire

May prefer a partner with the above qualities. May be the type to have sex for fun (more than average LOL.) Maybe obsessed with sex or could have the tendencies to be a sex addict. May have secret affairs and relationships. May keep his love life hidden, loves privacy.

Ozzy Osbourne – I Just Want You with Lyrics

Will not like a partner who kisses and tells. May date women that are “darker” than him physically or figuratively. May be very obsessive in relationships. May have a secret or hidden life, keeping secrets from his family and friends about social activities, other friends, and relationships that he truly enjoys.

Love Her Madly The Doors

This increases if he has other planets in Libra. May lead a double life. May enjoy doing things at night and exploring mysterious things. May enjoy doing weird, kinky stuff. May be interested in the occult, magic, or scary things.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Cinnamon Girl

May prefer the exotic over the more mainstream in his social life and romantic life. May be a counter-culturalist and may refuse to take part in anything he considers common, typical or mainstream.

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