When #Mars Attacks … Red “#Astronasty” Alert ..#Astrology


When Mars Attacks ..

Martian Girl yes very Cancer Mars

Okay, it isn’t quite like that but Mars is about to get into some grand mischief in a few days now that he has crossed out of Gemini and into Security conscious Cancer.   This , in and of itself, is not that big a deal EXCEPT he will be allying Himself with Pluto in Capricorn  and Uranus  in Aries, activating the last of the Uranus / Pluto “T-Squares” .

july 21st 1

This “astronasty” aspect will start to make itself felt as Moon enters Libra on the 14th or 15th of July (forming a grand cross with the major combatants ) and will be growing in intensity through to the 21st of July , just as the Sun is crossing into Leo and as the Moon Joins in on the side of Pluto , adding strong emotional content and bringing corruption to light and damage to infrastructure and foundations.


Mars Square Uranus

“This is a time of great restlessness, impatience and rebellion. We will not feel like giving up any of our freedoms and will resist others who try to hold us back. We may get into explosive arguments and behave rashly without thinking through the consequences of our actions. Be careful around heavy machinery and electrical appliances as Mars and Uranus signify danger in these areas. Technology may be a source of irritation  as electrical appliances break down more than usual or do not work as expected. It is possible that this could be a time of liberation from previous restrictions, but it is usually a disruptive type of freedom where the cost is the smooth operation of our lifestyle.”    — Astrology X-files

So I think we can expect riots? perhaps? a bit of This ??


Or perhaps a bit of this :


For this is the sort of Mischief Mars LOVES to take part of.

Mars Opposing Pluto

“This is often a period of intense power struggles, sometimes physically.  Ambitions might stir up opposition and make new enemies if you are not careful. Avoid the temptation to deal ruthlessly with  enemies. We may come into contact with bad neighborhoods now and be subject to violent attack or another type of crime. Avoid it if at all possible.  There is  tremendous energy now, but are not likely to feel it when we need to stop and take a rest. The consequence is often injury, or overexertion to the point of exhaustion or collapse.” –Astrology X-files

Moon Conjuncting Pluto

This will add insane DEPTH to the emotional levels of this date , pushing us to bring about extreme changes that will result in a metaphorical “house cleaning” or rooting out of corruption.

Moon Opposing Mars

Ballroom Blitz

Anytime there is a square c,conjunction or opposition of Moon to Mars, We can expect high energy levels that can bring about destructive tendencies if there are not proper channels to redirect this energy .   Generally manifests as Anger .


This will also be a time of accidents, especially fires though with Jupiter currently involved, making things LARGER ( and expansion of gasses)  I would see explosions as well .. with Mars in Cancer .. Homes, grade-schools, restaurants, kitchens , Markets , Hotels.

“What about the Grand Water Trine” ?? yes the Grand water trine will  be a factor, in this case, I don’t think it will be a very positive one, for it has one apex in Cancer and that is hitting on the “loose” corner of the Uranus Pluto T-square.  I see lots and lots of emotions and very very little in the way of Reason, practicality or constructive actions.   No It is a common misnomer that Grand Trines are always good.. no not always OFTEN and Usually but not always. Other factors have to be included , such as interactions with other formations in the skies.   If this Grand water trine weren’t interacting directly with the upcoming malifics, I would agree that it would be a good thing. However ( oh my libra mercury haha) , what I see from these upcoming transits are emotions running very high and feeding the Mars energies and that this would be amplified by the Jupiter placement as well.   I also see “spiritual leadership” as playing a vital part of what is to come, be it for good or for ill.

Cancerians , Librans, Arieans and Capricans will be most strongly hit by these transits though I think EVERYONE will see the effects , if only second hand.   Do USE the Grand water trine, everyone, and bring about the empathy and understanding that  we will need to get through this..

-Anthony B.


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