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This is one of the happier conjunctions the moon makes through its monthly cycle. IS a fortunate location in whatever sign or house in which it occurs. It is a VERY happy and FORTUNATE transit. Of course, for some , it is not so, that is if it conjuncts with ill points in one’s natal chart).  A Jupiter Moon Conjunction CAN alleviate most of an ill aspect , such as the current Grand Cross.

The Moon gives STRENGTH to the Jovian energies of generally good time. Because the Moon rules the sign of Cancer and is in its HOME at this moment, your cancer Rising peeps, Cancer Moon and Cancer Suns. PARTICULARLY Early 20 degrees of the sign.  IF your natal chart contains Mars or Saturn in these locations, Jupiter will make it BIGGER. Mars energies are stronger and Saturn energies will,likewise, be stronger.  A minor ‘pissed off’ becomes an argument, with Saturn, A major lesson to be learned. It Does NOT cause Rage or Depression.  This energy, however, is nowhere as traumatic as say, Pluto aspecting those same malefic planets.

“But what about the Grand Cross?”  Good Questions! Glad you asked!

This Moon Jupiter conjunction gives more weight to the Jupiter aspects in this alignment.  Can be read as bringing a moment of Peace, Partially negating the rebellion of Mars in Aries,  Holding the destructive power of Pluto in Capricorn and gains the proverbial “Upper Hand” on Mars in Libra.  But just for a Blink of the eye for a Moon Mars conjunction is in works for next week!

Might want to steer clear of the Libras then, They might be a little… flammable.


Mars Moon Conjunction Near Lunar Eclipse #Astrology


No No I don’t want this to seem alarmist, However this hit me while I was outside, observing Mars and the Moon by eye . I haven’t the exact time specifics, but  just by using my mental calculations, this lunar eclipse does appear to be approaching a conjunction , if not flat out occults, the planet Mars. (Oh that bright blue star just below and to the right of Mars? That’s Spica in Virgo. )

This is significant in that The Sun , which Moon and Mars will be opposing, is in the Home sign (Aries) of Mars.

Ordinarily, when Mars and Moon Come to conjunction, I have noticed an increase in anger or violence. I have also always equated lunar eclipses as a sort of Plutonian energy ( from before we knew of Pluto) . This adds more deep intensity of a less constructive and more Destructive sides of these energies.

I am not intending to make anyone afraid of lunar eclipses or the inclusion of mars ALWAYS .. if there were some form of grand trine active, then the effects would be much moderated.

(A brief aside, wouldn’t it be AWESOME if somone were able to catch the ISS in frame of the eclipsed moon?? )

I also see that there are very few  ( or weak) POSITIVE in astrological aspect.

Then there is the “Via Combusta’ the “Burning way”, that extends from roughly 15 degrees libra to 15 degrees scorpio.  This is a very important section of the zodiac for it contains several “Maleficent” stars .

How will this turn out ? I think we would be  ready for a wild ride with the next few eclipses. as they work their way through  the burning road.

New Post! #Mars in #Scorpio

Sexual, Powerful, Scary


People born with Mars in Scorpio are never afraid to go to dark and scary places. They thrive there, its where they derive their energy. It is best not to mess with people, they operate with great power in the realm of your deepest fears and oldest nightmares. If you anger them, they will strike where it really really really hurts. They have quite a lot of soul power and often spend their lives training it and trying to control it so that it can be used for good and not evil. This type usually has a lot of energy tied up in sexual matters. They will need to find some athletic or creative practice in which to funnel their strong core energy so that they don’t become total sex addicts. Their sex drive is extremely high and their raw sexual energy is usually off the charts. They are often extremely sexy and attractive people. Whatever they look like, they usually don’t have to try hard at all to find a sex partner. They tend to draw partners to them without much effort.

A Bit About #JustinBieber and #Astrology

Oh You Are A Bad Bad Boy!


Justin Beiber Natal

Oh that’s his natal chart. 🙂 As a Pisces, we will find that this will be an important time in his personal year. Notice that he has both Sun and Saturn in this sign of Pisces. His biggest personal bug-a-boos are Pluto on his ascendant ( bringing both huge stores of personal magnetism and probably the root of his teenybopper appeal .

This Pluto is also in a conflicting square aspect with his natal Mars in Aquarius. Mars square Pluto is a very nasty personal aspect for it increases dark side power of both Pluto and Mars. This gives extra tendencies to coercion , violence and criminal activities. JB will continue to have run ins with the Law for this reason.  I see him as being a perennial ‘bad boy’ favorite for the entertainment news industry. With Pluto in Scorpio, this greatly multiplies. with Pluto exacting his rising sign this brings Pluto in Scorpio and any aspects to this even STRONGER .  Pluto in Scorpio people have great potential for evolution , but ,likewise, DE-Evolution.   Justine B is not alone, for those of his generation are also under a Pluto in Scorpio

His Mars in Aquarius makes him a bit of a loose cannon. Aquarian Mars people are going to do things their own way and “f the police” .  I am going to do what I want to do and no one can tell me otherwise sort of attitude. will also bring eccentricity in actions.  

His Natal Mars square Pluto is one of the nastiest of the astronasties one can have in a natal chart bringing intense power struggles, Opposition and enemies, Violence and Crime, Shady individuals , Confrontations with Police and the Law. From what TMZ has been telling us, this rings very true.

Trouble with his Libra Natal Moon is that he will tend to ‘get along to go along’  making it very easy for others to talk him into doing wrong things.

Now about that Libra Moon. Normally not a bad place to be , really, especially being in his 11th house of friends, associates and hopes and dreams.  Libra Moon need some form of Posse .

Bad thing being is that this Libra Moon is in a square with both Mercury and Mars in Aquarius.

This Moon Mercury square puts him in constant conflict between the Head and Heart. Often indicates a personal crisis of conscious. he KNOWS he has to do the ‘right thing’ but his head keeps telling him otherwise. This often brings conflicts and wishy-washy connections with Women.

His Mercury Mars conjunction brings all sorts of conflicts , an argumentative nature, oh and get this Trouble with the law while driving! Sounds familiar? Mars in Aqua is the indicator of rebellious actions.

The Moon Mars square brings much in the way of domestic umm ‘unsettlement’. IT also brings a fighting nature as well. I would not be surprised in the least if Justin ends up with a battery charge in the future.

What about predictions?

I’ll tell you what dates to watch for where the Biebs is most probable to be in the news.

The 21st of Feb .. yes TODAY , as the Transiting Moon meets with both transiting Saturn and Justins’s natal Pluto , triggering that nasty Pluto Mars Mercury Square. Moon is our ‘timer’.  Being also involved with Transiting Saturn in Scorpio in 12th house, I expect back to jail for ya Justin. Roughly 8 pm Eastern Time

Along with this is more of the transiting Sun and Neptune crossing Justin’s natal Saturn .  With Both Transiting and Natal Saturn’s being aspect by strong planets , More run ins with the Legal system and the Law.  This will be a time where he will learn a MASSIVE lesson in duty and civil responsibility.

Neptune is also conjuncting his Natal Saturn, shaking his foundations of beliefs and world view into disarray. Dissolution. Can also show very strongly as Drug related issues .. Just trying to ‘escape’ .  The Harsh realities of life come to the fore and not everyone sill make it through intact.

Sun transiting conjuncting Natal Saturn.. I time of restrictions, of setbacks, of hard labors.

Feb 22nd Moon squares Justin’s Natal sun also squaring that natal Saturn transiting Neptune Sun conjunction More indicators of police issues and of a temporary restriction. another arrest?

Feb 26th will be a tough day for the Biebs as well as the Transiting Moon squares in a bad way with natal Moon and the Mars transiting his natal moon i a conjunction. Moon squares ( which happen twice a month for everyone) are a time of emotional blockages, Frustrations with life in general, in an emotional sense.

This will all fade out by his birthday the 31st 🙂 

March 6th will be a rough day for Justin as transiting moon forms a T-square with Transiting Saturn and Natal Mercury+Mars. This WILL bring another clash with authorities.  I predict roughly Noon local time wherever he may be at the time 🙂

from the 8th to the 17th will be a quiet time 🙂 no newsworthy troubles 🙂

on the 17th between 9 and 10 pm est, Justin will get in trouble again, more law breaking

I also predict March 25th to be a TMZ worthy day as well 🙂

This is the month ahead for Justin Beiber, at least where the newsworthy issues are involved 🙂  Gotta have that ‘dirty laundry’ 🙂

#Pluto , the #Scorpion King #Astrology

 Pluto , The Scorpion King , Ruler of Scorpio and the Underworld

Yes , I like to find astrological symbolism  and archetypes everywhere… Pluto is a very good example .. Pluto ( or Hades) Is Lord of the Underworld, of death and destruction, but also a very strong creative force…

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demolishing the old to make way for the new .  He is considered , in mythology, the richest   of the ancient Gods , even more so than Jupiter / Zeus , for EVERYTHING ,Ultimately , falls under Pluto’s Domain.