#Mercury Rx and the #Uranus #Pluto Square

Mercury Retrograde and the Uranus-Pluto-Sun T-square

Lac-Mégantic Derailment

This past weekend has been a very ..interesting one.. as in the Chinese curse ” May you live in interesting times” .  here in the Us we have had 2 major transportation incidents, the Asiana Flight 214 accident and the  Lac-Mégantic Derailment ( image above) , and the aircrash in   Soldotna ,Alaska that killed ten.

Soldotna Plane Crash_Cham
10 reported dead in Soldotna plane crash

Whenever we have such catastrophic events, we astrologers go onto “High Alert” looking for the astrological indicators, such as the actions of retrograde planets, of ‘ill aspects’ and placements at the time and place of the incidents, in the hopes we will see these tragedies in advance ( not that the powers that be will heed us any mind).

Crew tried to abort landing in fatal S.F. plane crash

At the time of these three incidents (the chart below is set for the Asiana Flight 214 accident) we had several indicators for “transportation  accidents” .

July 6 2013 chart san fran2

 The initial indicators would be the  Sun/Mercury Rx Conjunction  – Pluto Rx – Uranus T-Square.  T-squares are always “nasty” in their manifestations… Two conflict generating Squares and an oppositional ,well, opposition. creating a stalemate between the opposing forces. think of a tug of war contest or the stagnant nature of World War One‘s trench warfare.

Sun  Rules Authority, Officials, Life, Success, men, power, persons in positions of ‘trust’. This would fit very well with the position of pilots (in case of the two air disasters) and the engineer in charge of the train in the Lac-Mégantic Derailment.

Mercury rules Transportation(Planes, trains and automobiles), commerce, commutes, travel, the mind and communications. In the current Retrograde, mercury brings forgetfulness, mis-communication, inattention.

Both Sun and Mercury conjunct in Cancer brings about strong safety and security issues as well as home and family matters.

Uranus  rules Breaks, Accidents, separations, surprises, sudden, unpredictable, violent, and  fateful events.  In Aires, brings violence, conflict and Fires.

Pluto Rules massive transformative, changes, death, often destruction or the aftermath there of.   In Capricorn, matters of infrastructure, fate ,caution and responsibility.

So far , putting all of these together , we have Violent ,fiery accidents due to irresponsibility, damaged infrastructure  , broken connections and inattention.   Following the developments of these three stories, I would say this is accurate.

Other factors include the following :

July 6 2013 chart san fran3

Mars out of Aspect in Gemini : Any time a planet is without aspect in ANY chart, that planet ( called a soloton or solo planet) gains extra significance, as it’s “energies” have no outlet ,  becomes “backed up”, much as  poor Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  .


Mars Rules all manner of “nastiness”, being the “lesser malefic” : fires, accidents, explosions, brute force, wounds, impulsiveness , among other things (see my musical mars page for others).   

Gemini rules many of the same associations as Mercury  especially Commerce , communications, Transportation.

So here we have Commerce and Transportation accidents with fires and explosions . Fits very nicely with all three incidents.

Now, you are thinking, why weren’t we just covered in these accidents? Simple, astrology takes both a time  AND a geographical location.. In that I do not have the “birth time” for either Lac-Mégantic or Soldotna , I did find out that San Francisco is a Cancer with several natal planets in sensitive positions .

san fran natal2

The big factors here are San Francisco’s stellium of planets in Cancer, all being affected  by the Sun-Pluto-Uranus t-square and the Mercury retrograde in cancer as well as having Mars AND Uranus in Gemini.   With the transiting Mars currently in Gemini, I am very surprised that there aren’t more “transportation” based accidents in San Francisco / Oakland Bay area .  july 21st 1

Now with all of this being said, we need to be VERY cautious over the next few weeks as Mercury runs back and forth creating and maintain a conflicting square with Uranus in Aries , ESPECIALLY July 21st when mercury stations to go direct exactly on the very nasty t-square with the Moon conjuncting Pluto, strongly energizing this , well, mess , and with Jupiter joining forces with Mars (massive explosions?  rapid expansion??) .  But I will save that for another post and another day —AB


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