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What is the Moon in astrology? the Moon is how we FEEL , how we NURTURE and, in return, nurture others. Moon is our EMOTIONAL side. Moon is all FEELING .   Moon indicates how we also RELATE to others around us.  Beyond all else MOON is the HEART of our beings.

In Transit, the Moon acts as a Trigger mechanism, like the little tabs on an analog electric timer.  When SHE ( Moon is also FEMALE and RECEPTIVE), forms any aspect with any of the Natal or other TRANSITING planets, these planetary “Energy Vibes” will gain additional prominence.   Moon also represents MOTHER and when transiting through the houses, can signify ones Maternal figure(s) to become involved.

MOON is also a primary indicator of the Health and Well being in a woman’s chart , with its placement and any planetary aspects bearing a direct relationship with the woman’s vitality, whereas in a Man’s chart it is the SUN and His placements that have a bearing on a man’s vitality.

Moon Also represents , psychologically, the source of  the emotional baggage we ALL acquire in our very important “formative years” and can be a very important KEY to how to best deal with said baggage and issues.

Moon also indicates, along with 2-3 other points off interest, How we view our Mothers and , in a mans chart, what sort of woman/partner they unconsciously seek to fulfill their missing  “mother figure”  Halves.


Response  ,    Past ,    Safety/security, Comfort, Instinct , Mood,  Feelings,      Yin, Food/feeding, Fluctuation, Nurture ,  Emotional self ,  Water,  Mother     The unconscious , basic needs   Belonging    Protectiveness   The body    Reflective  Family   Home  Cardinal ‘Ability to respond to conditions’  Motherhood    intuition  Monday Artemis (Greek goddess of hunt & wild places)  Diana (Roman) Sin (Babylonian Moon God)   Hera  Demeter    Ceres Natural childbirth Flux, change  Ebb & flow  Wax & wane Reflective  Moody Memory Ancestors Gut reaction Women/female  Soul  Habits, rituals Nostalgia  Instincts Love of history   Physical/emotional needs Early environment  Folklore  Daily rhythms  Homeland   Ancestral memory  , Clothing and Foods

In the video Examples, the Moon sign is not so much How one sings, but what One sings about.. and secondary visual and color themes.


Aries Moon


Taurus Moon


Gemini Moon


Cancer Moon


Leo Moon


Virgo Moon


Libra Moon


Scorpio Moon


Sagittarius Moon


Capricorn Moon


Aquarius Moon


Pisces Moon

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