Featured Artist Deborah Dyer “Skin” #Leo #Sun #Cancer #Moon #Astrology


Deborah Dyer/ “Skin” of

Skunk Anansie

Leo Sun /Cancer Moon

Skin – Just Let The Sun

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac. It is the sign of the Lion. It runs from August 17th through September 16th of any year. It is a fixed, Fire sign. It is symbolized by the life force. It governs the stomach.

The planetary Ruler for Leo is the Sun. The gemstone for Leo is the ruby.

The sign of Leo is also called the House of the Sun, Persons born in this period of the year have strongly marked characteristics. They usually have large ambition, their aim is to get above the common herd of humanity and in no matter how low or humble the sphere of life into which they are born, they generally rise by their will, determination and ability, into high positions of authority in whatever career they adopt as their own. They are keenly attracted to other strong personalities; in fact they are ready to forgive any fault in others so long as they have individuality and purpose.

People born in this period are large-hearted and generous. They have an extremely independent spirit, they have much tenacity of purpose and will power, and if they put their mind on some plan, purpose or position, they usually reach their goal in spite of every difficulty or obstacle.

Skunk Anansie – Brazen (weep)

They have wonderful magnetic power in inspiring others on to do great deeds. They attract devotion from others and can lead people to follow them through the most difficult situation.

Skunk anansie: Milk is my sugar

The Moon is at home in Cancer, and those born under this placement are particularly sensitive to emotional undertones and psychic perception. As children of the Moon, these natives have inherited the best assets Lunar can bestow- devotion, sensitivity, patience and intuition. Innately sympathetic, refined and sensuous, many see the Moon in Cancer persona as gentle, disarming and amiable. The Moon here is more receptive than active, more visceral than cerebral and more subjective than rational.

Skin – Tear Down These Houses

Lunar Cancerians are subject to more volatile mood swings than other Moon signs. Cancer is the continuous ebb and flow of emotions, which combined with the waxing and waning influence of the moon produces a mercurial temperament and a vulnerability for emotional exhaustion. Many times their ‘down moments’ or ‘snappy’ moods can be attributed to those open wounds from the past. The impressions they make sink into their mind like permanent photographs and they tend to possess tremendous retentive memories. The Moon here longs to be nurtured and protected, and there is a danger of becoming overly dependent on others for emotional support. A person with the Moon in Cancer fears loneliness and isolation and needs the support of others. No matter what their sun sign may be, the Cancer qualities such as creativity and emotionalism will be highly evident in their personalities.

Skin – Trashed

The romantic, intuitive sign of Cancer is in harmony with the Moon, and brings out the best of her influence. In relationships, they are intensely loyal, committed and devoted to maintaining a deep and meaningful love. Their natural response, is to mistrust – or feel they are unworthy of someone else’s fondness. Many can hold onto a destructive relationship for much too long for fear they are unable to find something better. Their deep insecurity lies at the root of their defensiveness hyper-sensitivity over even perceived rejection. The Moon here has a close connection to women, which usually feature strong in lunar types, especially the bond with mother. The Moon in Cancer has instinctive flair for business, along with the initiative, tenacity and a psychic sense of ‘right timing’.

Skin – Purple

Such persons must, however, be always actively employed. If forced by circumstances out of the heat and stress of the battle of life, they become morbid and despondent.

Skin – Lost

As a rule they are extremely patient and long suffering, but if once aroused, like the lion they know no fear and do not know when they meet defeat or acknowledge it if it does come. They make enemies by their frankness of speech and their hatred of anything underhand or that savours of subterfuge. They will defend a friend in the face of all attacks. It is only treachery, disloyalty or deceit that can ever break or crush their proud spirit.

Skin – You’ve Made Your Bed

People born in this period of the year, have the vital principle of the Sun’s rays passing through the sign Leo at their birth, will manifest a high degree or ideality and aspiration. Being essentially large hearted, honest and truthful themselves, they expect great things from those about them, and frequently get terribly disappointed and deceived.

As long as that’s true – Skin

They radiate warmth, affection, kindness and a strong personal magnetism, which makes them exceedingly popular. Highly susceptible to environment, they exhibit a strong tendency to take on the habits and conditions of others.

Skunk Anansie – My Ugly Boy

Their exaggerated faith in human nature is their stumbling block in love and friendship, leading to many tragedies, heartaches and estrangements. They possess splendid organizing ability and great ambition, but are rather too apt to accept responsibilities and take too much on their shoulders. They must also guard against carrying the “regal attitude” to excess, or they become somewhat domineering.


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