#Astronasty Condition Yellow #astrology

yellow alert static


Astronasty status is now condition YELLOW until the Moon conjuncts Uranus in about a week.  If you have seen my previous posting  “When Mars Attacks”  I had said that we needed to be very careful as Mars enters a T-square with Moon, Uranus and Pluto.  Yes there is still revolution in the air, but the Grand Water Trine of Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune have all come together to dampen those Martian and Airean flames 🙂 very good! There are days where I love being wrong !

However , I am NOT going to a “green” astronasty alert status until Mars has gone further into cancer and has avoided the clutches of both  Uranus and Pluto a few weeks hence.

Now do understand, though in the global scale things seem to have settled down, on PERSONAL levels, there is still a strong chance for upset and upheavals. Do take time to make an appointment with myself or any of my Twitter and Facebook Astrology friends to see if you are still ‘under the guns’

–Anthony B. aka MysticVirgo67

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