Featured Artist Carly Simon #Cancer #Sun #Capricorn #Moon

Carly+SimonCarly Simon – Cancer Sun  Capricorn Moon

You’re So Vain

The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces a good deal of ambition and determination in your personality. Yet this is well disguised in a mask of congeniality and understanding. The Cancer Sun is naturally understanding and affectionate, lessening the normal coldness of the Capricorn Moon. This lends good insight and a penetrating look at human nature.  Well equipped for a role in some type of public or official responsibility, and apt to gain recognition for their work in this regard.

Let The River Run

Prestige and status are likely to flow your way if you make any effort to achieve before the public. They have a reassuring way as they always seem willing to assume responsibilities, and work hard to reach goals. They expect things of value to require a good deal of effort. Unassuming and unpretentious and ever willing to tow your share of the load. They appreciate the value of a dollar, but they not likely to spare cost when it comes to obtaining quality for their investment.

Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye

A high degree of self-discipline allows them to save or even hoard money for that rainy day. They have a shrewdness that produces a genial and warm manner, but your purpose remains steely and determined. This nice blend of the personal and the sincere, with the calculating business core, allows them to accomplish much without hurting anyone’s feelings. It permits them to muster and retain many friends along the way. They know how to drive a hard bargain with a smile on their face, and  have a keen sense for understanding people and instinctively sensing their motives.

Coming Around Again

 Cancer Sun  is introverted, reserved, emotional, sensitive, moody, sympathetic, security-conscious, prudent, retentive, domestic, maternal, protective, quiet, calm, imaginative, conscientious, and quite the traditionalist. Being ruled by the moon also has elements of recalling the past, Mother, feelings.  Look for moon symbolisms, such as round mirrors, bluish “moonlighting”  or bluish tint to the film.  Photographs , family movies, Children, Kitchens

Better Not Tell Her

Those born with their Moon in Capricorn are refined in nature and reluctant to express their emotions. Their sense of well being is tied to the amount of self given respect and they typically have a strong sense of independence. The Moon’s position here can overturn even the most effervescent Leo into the more reserved and thoughtful personality. Their minds are inspired by ambition, success and oriented toward bringing civilisation to conflict.

Like A River

The Moon’s position here is highly analytical, capable and has the stabilising effect on the terminally shifting moon. People born under this position are forced to overcome the subverted complexities and conflicts within themselves before they can see the joy of life transpire around them. They pride themselves on their ability to manage accordingly and react responsibly. Although Lunar Capricorn are unlikely to express it, they are very sensitive to the appreciation they receive and secretly seek boundless recognition for their work. Love is always synonymous with respect for these people.

Touched By The Sun

Moon in Capricorn are gifted with mental acuity and are quite shrewd; they are also known to have a sense of humor that materializes at only the most appropriate moments. Lunar Capricorn are very sensitive to social undercurrents, and like to present articulate, thoughtful and efficient. When they are feeling unwell or in distress, it is not common for them to seek help or display their melancholy. They will go straight to the problem of the issue rather than wallowing in their own self pity.

Tired Of Being Blonde

Moon in Capricorn are good at controlling their emotions in chaos, although this can leave others feeling as though they are insensitive or cold. The Lunar Capricorn must learn to trust others, because if they don’t, the mirror will reflect the person that will really betray them the most.

My New Boyfriend

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