#Venus in #Virgo .. She is a Bit Like This .. #astrology

Venus in Virgo ..

She is a Bit Like This …

venus virgo

She is very devoted, does not show emotions: She doesn’t always let herself go, either through fear of ridicule or through fear of not being loved in return as much as she loves. She is therefore sometimes too undemonstrative. May give off the sense that her love is not for free. Caring but worries that she is not exciting enough. Careful with money.

Venus in Virgo (fall) : P!nk – Stupid Girl

Antonio Banderas
Antonio Banderas

Love should involve making a commitment to take care of someone else; likes hard-workers who pay attention to details (conversely, is also attracted to flawed, disorganized partners that need fixing); attracts love by handling all of the “dirty work” in a partner’s life; flirts by making analytical observations, self-deprecating humor, or offering self-improvement advice; wants to feel needed and useful in relationships; good hygiene, a neat appearance, and an orderly environment are aphrodisiacs.

Gwen Stefani – Wind It Up

Pleasing Venus in Virgo involves showing you appreciate them for all the little things they do — and they do a lot. The problem is, they do these things so quietly that you may not always notice or credit them for all these kind gestures. They do need some space (after all, they’re generally quite busy making everything work), so give it to them. Be genuine, not ostentatious. They are really not difficult to please after you have taken care of these basic needs. Avoid pushing your friends or family on them too fast — remember they are a little shy. They aim to please, and are easily intimidated by your experiences. Let them know how much you value them, and they will reward you with devotion and a charming willingness to talk things out.


People with Venus in Virgo tend to be very down to earth.  They can be reserved and private.  They are not the types to try hard to stick out in a crowd. They enjoy the little things and simple living.  They are very concerned with being perfect and are often very health conscious. They are often goody-two-shoes types who don’t drink, swear, or rat their hair and get sick from one cigarette.  They can be obsessively into yoga, or exercise and tend to have meticulously maintained bodies.  They are very sensual.  They can be very picky with their friends and may only choose to be around those who can be of some use to them.  They are simultaneously grounded and secure but also relentlessly working towards perfection in their image and in their relationships.

Sting -The Police -Every Little Thing She Does is Magic



Women with Venus in Virgo can be very highly strung. In general ,they are a piece of work. They tend to have very earthy feminine sensual looks. They tend to look “perfect”. They often give off an element of purity and fertility. They are often seen as the “ideal woman”. They are meticulous about their appearance. They are always very groomed and clean. They usually look great in very restrictive and form fitting clothing like business attire, leather, and dresses with corsets.

Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren

Clothing that is both modest but enticing. Overtly sexy, colorful, and attention grabbing clothes don’t usually work well with them, it cheapens them. They usually look best in classic attire, that is modest, practical but still shows off their amazing bodies. Solid neutral colors usually work best for them. They won’t be obsessive about fashion or what is trendy but they will always have their own individual and sexy style.

Venus in Virgo can be very domestic they may not always enjoy it but they are usually quite good at cleaning, gardening, and organizing. They are good interior decorators in the “feng shui” sense. They know where to place things so that it “feels” better so the energy flows better but not necessarily in a aesthetically pleasing way. They love planning parties. They love planning almost anything fun. They are great at covering all the details to ensure a fun time.

Women with Venus in Virgo are very “high maintenance” in relationships they can be naggy, picky, and bitchy. There may be always something wrong with them or wrong with YOU. They want this perfect ideal relationship but nothing will ever really be as good as their fantasy. They really do want to help their partner be his best and they see their constant criticism as motivation to improve. They do have a knack for seeing the details and their criticism isn’t far off from the truth.

Mila Kunis – Jackie

They enjoy being taken care of and don’t mind taking a submissive role in relationships. They want their partner to take the lead and support them. They appreciate wealth but they are not overtly materialistic. They appreciate stability and resources. They may be the type to look like the “perfect girlfriend” but are giving their boyfriend constant hell. They thrive on the tension and anxiety.


May prefer a partner with the above qualities. May prefer a woman who seems very innocent and pure. May love yoga and strenuous physical exercise. May be the type to relax by cleaning, organizing, or working out. He may not actually enjoy relaxing. He feels most at ease when he is getting something done. May prefer friends that are hard workers, modest, and intelligent – serious people, who are very down to earth and to the point. May be meticulous when it comes to is art and creativity. May be very meticulously dressed, always ironing his clothes, always clean, and never a hair out of place.

Mick Jagger – Sweet Thing

5 thoughts on “#Venus in #Virgo .. She is a Bit Like This .. #astrology

  1. Hey this was a great post! I know one venus in virgo and they’re so like this! Very accurate 😀
    Thank you for linking to my blog! That’s really amazing of you!

    1. Why thank you for the kind comment! yes Venus Virgos are also not much for all the girlie “froo froo” either … LOL explains p!nks ‘Stupid girl’ haha

      1. You’re welcome! Hahah yeah I’ve noticed! I never knew she was a Venus Virgo, makes so much sense now though! What’s your venus sign? 🙂

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