100TH Posting !! #Astrology #BigNews! #WordPress


So here it is my 100th post! All sorts of good news! Firstly, To those who sent well wishes and healing prayers to my wife with her recent surgery.. bright blessings to all healing very well 🙂


Love you baby! Muah!

I have a laundry list of thanks, far too long to list.. you know who ya are 🙂 Especially my Missus for her belief and faith in me 🙂

Now ..we dance! !!!! take it away Dieter!

Personal Whoo hoo!

Ran into Sinbad this weekend here in Lexington . I been pestering him to come to KY since his knee surgery! (Please! Don’t make me dig through archived tweets!)


Will share the Date night with Sinbad pics when I find my USB memory card! Still safe in my phone, though ! Thanks @sinbadbad 🙂 He seemed to fit Lexington Well!  The Staff of Comedy Off Broadway were utmost professionals and kind .. thank you!

New Pricing for readings! 12.50 for #1250!


haven been on the “other side of the counter” I am fully supporting the min wage increase!


Plans for the blog, I will be adding other “categories/pages .. in the works op/ed , Possible sports for University of KY  wildcats season! 🙂 oh yeah! #SEC (pst so long as KY wins Cards OR Cats 🙂  Just so Tenessee DOESN’T GET IT ! ( they are a little slow, they don’t get ( BANG Whizz ( ducking gunfire))

Oh featured planets focus Jupiter in 10th and 11th houses!!

Oh Now hotlinked with local radio Station 100.1 WKQQ via Iheartradio for your listening pleasures 🙂 Find them on twitter @WKQQLexington  

Oh and do give me the promotional social sharing that I need ..

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