#HR1250 New Special Pricing in support of #Minimumwage


To show my support for an increase in US minimum wage to $12.50 an hour , all readings are now $12.50 ! any one question $12.50.. need longer? That same $12.50 will also give you an hour of my time.. doesn’t HAVE to be astrology , but any sort of advice, or even a chat .. same low price $12.50 an hour 


Three Simple Rules

1. One question at a time.. compound questions are same as multiple questions .

2. Satisfaction is NOT guaranteed.. I may give you an answer you don’t like.. sorry no refunds.

3. Donation must be through paypal and answer will be given when I get the deposit alert , or if local and in person, when the check clears 🙂

Readings are conducted in such a manner as he client sees fit, can be via landline, skype, twitter dm, FB chat or Emails.



100TH Posting !! #Astrology #BigNews! #WordPress


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#AstroNasty Alert – Condition Yellow #astrology

Astro Nasty Alert Status – Condition Yellow

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Special Astro Weather Statement August 11 2013 #redalert #Astrology

Special Astrological Weather Statement for Sunday Aug 11 2013


The United States and Her allies have issued travel advisories for the mideast and have closed many of their embassies in the Muslim controlled nations. I took this as a very important moment that needed an astrologer’s viewpoint

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Happy Fourth of July , America!


Happy Birthday America!

United States of America Anthem (The Star-Spangled Banner)

Stepping away from astrology for a moment to celebrate the birth of our great nation, the United States of America.  Yes we have our issues, but we are STILL the greatest nation on this planet. 🙂  Today I feel the need to post some of the more patriotic songs I can find to help  get all of my readers into the mood for the traditional burning of the meats, setting off of colorful explosives and drinking copious amounts of Beer 🙂

John Wayne and the Pledge of Allegiance

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