Mixed Blessings for June 3rd 2013

For Monday June 3rd 2013, we have a mixed bag of aspects.

forecast june 3 2013

the strongest player will be a grand water trine, making emotions and empathy  major keywords of the day.  Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Scorpio and the stellium of Jupiter ,Venus, and Mercury ( with Mercury  in Cancer as the mediator ) This brings a very positive outcome to discussions of all things magical, mystical, philosophical , religious or occult.

The second strongest player will be Moon crossing through Aries and conjuncting Uranus later in the day.  this will bring out unexpected aggression.

Pluto will be joining the fray , forming a very nasty square with moon and uranus.. this is seldom a good thing, for Pluto likes to act as an amplifier , especially in square on conjoining aspects.  More big blows against all things Capricorn; Corporations, capitalism, big business Foundations and infrastructures.

Sextile of uranus/moon in aries and Sun in Gemini will bring about an opportunity to communicate about those unexpected Arian Emotions and or actions. This has the makings of being a big news day.

Our usual suspects are under the guns with the Pluto / Uranus square..Cancer, capricorn, aries and Libra.. those with Sun, Moon ,Rising ,Saturn , Pluto or Mars in these signs will be especially hard hit with the aries moon actions.

The water signs ( including cancer) will actually benefit from the grand trine and for quite a long time as Jupiter  then Venus  takes turns becoming the apex of this trine.    Religion and possibly law, seems to be Making a major play the following few days.

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