#Mars in #Aries is a Little Like This …

#Mars in #Aries.. It’s Like This  …

Mars Aries Mars.. the Name of the Roman God of War and Masculinity… Aries the Greek name, same god

 Mars is at HOME in Aries…  If there is a contest or a fight MARS is there!

Kurt Russel – Soldier

Hercules vs Aries

The Aries Mars is not afraid of violence, but will also be quite angered if one throws the first blow against them.   Unless otherwise modified by more cooling aspects, It is never a good idea to upset an Aries Mars ( which can be very very easy to do) . Don’t expect the Aries Mars to give up anything without a fight

Loretta Lynn -You Ain’t Woman Enough to Take My Man

Any sort of Athletics is VERY Aries Mars

John Fogerty -Centerfield

Warriors and Wolves are very Aries Mars

Kevin Costner -Dances with Wolves

Aries Mars is also very sexually driven .. case in point

Ron Jeremy Ron Jeremy


asia carerra

Of course, add all this together and you get :


And on that (ahem) note…. This is ,essentially, #Mars in #Aires

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