Updates to A Mystical Life #Astrology


Recent Updates to A Mystical Life #Astrology

Yes NEW! A few added features to my blog.  The first you will notice is the “Astronasty condition” indicator at the top of the right hand column.  This alert graphic will be changed as particular astrological conditions change.  Green for good overall stars for all, yellow when I think we need to pay a bit of attention to what is going on around us. Red if I feel somthing particularly “nasty” is in the works.   Yes I know that is a Star Trek graphic.. I am a bit of a trekker.  

New “Powered By:” Images , again in the right hand column.  These link to sites and tools that I use most often. Currently ZET 9 ( the astrology software I am currently using) and Astrotheme ( very, very, useful for researching public figures, cities and countries and certain events) .

New pages index, also on right sidebar, leading my dear readers to may blog’s “special” pages. Currently my Musical Moon Signs and Musical Sun Signs pages.  Check in on regular basis, for I will be adding more pages as time goes on, including possible Livestream/Ustream embeds and a dedicated chat client.   (once I find one I like) . 

I would also like to start cross-linking to the blogs of my other astro-peeps , so if you have an astrology, tarot or numerology blog or website, contact me via the usual suspects, email, Twitter, Facebook or via Google+ . Birthdata WILL be held as confidential, as will the readings, unless express permission is given.

I am now available for astrological readings via Skype, Facbook chat, Twitter ( yes I can read via twitter DM’s ) or emails.  Do have your birth data (date , place ( within 50 miles will do) ,  time ( best known) and QUESTION ready at time of booking the appointment.  Payments are negotiable BUT a minimum suggested rate of $2 / min is advisable.  I do not read for free UNLESS I find it to be a very very special circumstance.

—Back to the stars

Anthony B. AKA MysticVirgo67


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