#Mars in #Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio

mars in scorpio

Sexual, Powerful, Scary


People born with Mars in Scorpio are never afraid to go to dark and scary places. They thrive there, its where they derive their energy. It is best not to mess with people, they operate with great power in the realm of your deepest fears and oldest nightmares. If you anger them, they will strike where it really really really hurts. They have quite a lot of soul power and often spend their lives training it and trying to control it so that it can be used for good and not evil. This type usually has a lot of energy tied up in sexual matters. They will need to find some athletic or creative practice in which to funnel their strong core energy so that they don’t become total sex addicts. Their sex drive is extremely high and their raw sexual energy is usually off the charts. They are often extremely sexy and attractive people. Whatever they look like, they usually don’t have to try hard at all to find a sex partner. They tend to draw partners to them without much effort.



Men born win Mars in Scorpio will be the strong silent type, the dark horse. They are mysterious and intimidating. They are very private, confident, and sexy. They are very secretive. There is always something bubbling under the surface that you will NEVER know about. They may seem very shy and quiet. They are usually loners. They don’t do well in packs. They are very in touch with their dark side and use it to get what they want. They possess a lot of power and as a result they don’t attract a lot of competition.

They are very intimidating and people are usually too scared to go near them. Less sharp people may see their quietness as weakness and may poke the tiger. They often attract less intuitive bully types who only see them for who they are on the surface. They sense some power but they don’t believe it so they test them and test them until they finally experience their extreme sting. They always regret it.


Mars in Scorpio is the most aggressive Scorpio position possible. If you think it hurts when a Sun in Scorpio comes back for their revenge, you will not at all be prepared for what a Mars in Scorpio man has to bring. They are out for blood and blood only. They can play really dirty too. Nothing is off bounds or off limits. It can get very ugly with these people. They are not the types to pick fights or enter competitions. But when they are in a fight or competition. They cannot stand to lose and they don’t really care how they win, as long as they do.

Mars in Scorpio men are not typically very athletic though they should be. They do great in any type of physical routine that involves focus and deep concentration. They can excel in martial arts, water sports, extreme sports, yoga, gymnastics. Their biggest competition is themselves and they do best when they can constantly push themselves beyond their own limits. They can be daredevils too so they should exercise caution in any sport and don’t push themselves too far.

Mars in Scorpio is at their best when they can find a routine physical practice they can really excel in. They are so powerful and emotionally balanced when that happens. Mars in Scorpio can be very into activities that are weird, psychedelic, occult, magical etc. They often exert a lot of energy experimenting in areas of the unknown and shooting themselves, in some form, into oblivion.

They often experiment with drugs. They have to exercise extreme caution with these substances because they can easily get lost in that world. Scorpio is the sign of the underworld and its very easy for them to tell themselves they belong only there. They can also be a bit masochistic They can easily push themselves too far in a dark direction out of a dysfunctional need to punish themselves for something.

Scorpio is also the sign of transformation. So more than anyone Mars in Scorpio man will have the ability to control or quit any addictions as long as he really wants to. Most importantly he can use his experiences in the other side to add to his own power and put the energy towards something positive. When this happens they are usually highly creative people. Their creations are so beautiful, they seem magical and they are always fun to experience.

Mars in Scorpio man is very loyal in relationships. He can be obsessively loyal even possessive. He is usually the type to stay committed to one person at a time. They have very focused energy and they can’t often successfully convince more than one person of true devotion.They are very sensitive, much more sensitive than they seem and they often get hurt by their lovers. When this happens it will take them a while but they will cut that person off forever. But they will probably fester and fester about it for a very long while. They may stalk that person and be secretly obsessed for a long while. This negative energy, though, often fuels them in some way, creatively or athletically. They always take their sexual turmoil and use it to boost their own power in some way. Sexual frustration often yields huge creative or financial success in their lives.

Sexually, their skills are usually off the charts. At their best, they are the masters. Instinctively they just know what they are doing. If they have nothing to block this powerful energy then they connect very well with their partner and understand her needs. They are sensitive, careful, and passionate. They love sex. They live for sex. And the opportunity to do it with someone they really love is basically the highest part of heaven and the deepest part of hell for them rolled up into one. It is a very powerful experience.



May prefer a man with the above qualities. May date men who seem dangerous. May date men who are dark or darker then them physically or metaphorically. May prefer to keep her boyfriend/husband a secret, a private affair. May date men who are very sexy and sexual. May prefer a man that is a rebel, a loner, or a counterculturist of some type. May date guys that people don’t expect her to date, like the cheerleader who dates some gothic art nerd. May be very sexual. May be highly sexually frustrated or may have had some scary experience with sex. May be very secretive about her sex life. May have dark or weird sexual needs. May be very vengeful when it comes to former sex partners and unforgiving.

Women, if Mars is dominant in your chart or conjunct your AC, Sun, or Moon. Please feel free to interpret the “Men” interpretation for yourself, just substitute the pronouns where necessary.

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