#Mars in #Libra

Mars in Libra

mars in Libra

Charming, Strategic, Non-Confrontational


People born with Mars in Libra would rather not fight. They are aggressively peaceful. That may sound oxymoronic, but these are the cool “Pink Panther” types that derive joy of out killing people with kindness. The angrier their opponent gets the nicer they will behave. These people wrote the book on remaining cool under pressure. They actually thrive there. They will drive their opponent insane with their lack of cooperation in the anger game. These people are usually very skilled debaters. They are usually very good at talking their way out of confrontations and charming there way into their love interests bed. They hide their intentions behind manners and chivalry. They are violently charming, so be very careful trusting these people. They are experts at hiding possibly dubious intentions behind flowers petals, perfume, and smiles.


elvis_mld__spanA man born with Mars in Libra will be one of the coolest people you will ever meet. He will be calm, charming, funny, and usually handsome. They are experts at dressing themselves and looking cool. They will always have the coolest gear, be it clothes, cars, appliances. They love things in their life to be chic and fresh.

Owen Wilson Wallpaper @ go4celebrity.com

They are usually very confident as long as they know that they look good. They can be any size, shape, or color but they will always be a little vain and superficial. They have a deep aesthetic sense and making sure their look is cool and balanced is what’s most important to them, whatever they look like.


These men charm their way to getting what they want. They are brilliant with words and with decorum. They know exactly the right way to behave and what to say to achieve whatever it is they are after. They study it, learn it, and then become it. They are highly intelligent and extremely patient.

We’ve always had a pretty competitive and pretty ferocious battle with British Airways… It’s lasted now about 14 years, and we’re very pleased to have survived it.

They often make amazing artists. Their sense and appreciation of aesthetics is uncanny. They have a unique sense for harmony and balance and often experiment with things that may normally clash to bring an interesting an original perspective in their creations. They often make great writers. They have such a beautiful way with words. They often amaze people with their verbal skills.

They also usually make excellent musicians. They have an ingrained understanding of harmony and they are always experimenting with it and trying new and inventive things.

They are not very competitive. In fact they are violently noncompetitive. They want everyone to get along and be friends. If anyone ever picks on them they are the types to talk their way out of it. They can be brilliant tricksters, outsmarting their enemies ever so slyly. This can be very annoying and dysfunctional in some cases. They will avoid and avoid a situation when it actually needs to be confronted. They may be very indecisive about what to do and can make the problem worse by refusing to confront it and make a decision. Or they will handle the situation diplomatically. They are great at making deals, compromises, and arrangements to get out of any conflicts.

President William Jefferson Clinton in Harlem, New York

Their main goal is to Keep Calm and Chill so they will put as much effort as possible to make that happen and avoid any confrontation and conflict. You will be very hard pressed to goad a Libra Mars into fits of anger or even to raise their voices into a shout.

That being said they are excellent strategists, probably the best. They are usually great with politics and the law. They often understand more than anyone the power and effects of violence which is why they want no part of it. It is too messy, ugly, sad and they want everything to be beautiful. They feel much better organizing a strategy that will eventually lead to peace rather than taking part in any type of physical conflict. Mars in Libra men don’t like war but they sometimes understand it as a necessary vehicle to peace. They do well in any political positions that allows them strategize any conflicts, and reset the balance and make their world more just and harmonious.


They are not by nature very athletic. They can be very lazy. And since they’re not very competitive you don’t often see these types breaking their necks to try out for some team. They’d rather play it cool smoking a cigarette on the sidelines and hitting on the cheerleaders. They are usually so concerned about looking cool that they will still work out, though. They want to make sure that everything is in balance.

vin diesel 01

When they do participate in sports they usually dominate. They are such brilliant strategists that they are always outsmarting the other players and doing things that no one expects. They are not the types to be very cocky. They are more concerned with playing a beautiful game. When they participate in a sport it is because they admire it for its beauty and want to present the game as something beautiful.


When they like someone they usually let them know by charming the hell out of them. These are the Jay Gatsby over the top extravagant types. These people are all about the flowers, the surprises, the expensive gifts, the overnight flights to Spain if they can afford it. They love to charm and impress their love interest and they will stop at nothing to show how fancy they can be.

They have an impeccable way with words. They know just the right things to say to sweep you off your feet.

They usually love being in relationships. They feel best when they have a steady that can go out with and relax with. But they can also be very fickle. They may seem totally in love with someone but then one day they just change their mind and they’re out the door. Usually it’s because someone else has come along. These types usually don’t like being single and they won’t leave a good relationship unless someone else has piqued their interest. They usually will date someone who is the complete opposite of the one they dated before.

Sonny and Mary Bono
Sonny and Mary Bono
Sonny and Cher
Sonny and Cher

Sexually they can be very romantic but they sometimes might seem a little clueless. They may be so concerned with romancing you that they forget to actually feel and experience you. They may seem detached during the act of love making and difficult to connect with. They are often surprisingly less sexual than they seem. They are great in relationships that are more romantic than sexual. They can be sexual but they don’t live for it in the way that some other signs do. They are more concerned with kicking back, taking it easy, and enjoying their partner. Sex can be too aggressive for them. They may prefer very sweet and gentle love making.




May prefer a partner with the above qualities. May prefer a man who is super cool, relaxed, and well dressed like a James Dean or Jay Gatsby type. May be very obsessed with the appearance of her man and may prefer someone who is wealthy or has a lot of really nice things and dresses really nice. May only date guys who look like a GQ or Esquire magazine cover. May be the type to like a man to be somewhat dependent on her. May be a very “nice” person, so nice that you’re not sure if you should trust it. May be very untrustworthy, may flip-flop and change her mind a lot and tell other peoples’ secrets. May be incredibly brilliant but may hide it behind ditziness and being nice. May be very talkative and great at talking her way to what she wants.

Women, if Mars is dominant in your chart or conjunct your AC, Sun, or Moon. Please feel free to interpret the “Men” interpretation for yourself, just substitute the pronouns where necessary.

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