#Scorpio #Sun


Scorpio Traits and Themes

intense, profound, powerful, colors:red and black. Sexual not sensual. Biting stinging poking. Snakes Scorpions spiders. Darkness. Hiding and hidden. pain. Depths holes digging, transformative. Tearing down and rebuilding. Death ‘darkside’ Vampires and the undead. Lucked out with ‘Trapped in the drivethru’ Two scorps for price of one.  Holding on. Loyal, Passionate,  Resourceful Observant, Dynamic ,Hypnotic. Nightmares, Poison. Surgery , rebirth

Kim Wilde






Neil Young

Sean ‘Puffdaddy /p.diddy’ Combes



Joanie Mitchell


Brad Paisley


‘Weird Al’ Yankovich


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