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Themes to look for are Dualities and Multiplicities, Pairings , Black/white, Communications , hearing and talking . Bright greens / canary yellows.  keep an eye out for what I call “split personalities /multiple faces ” in the following videos and watch for those polarities and pairs. EYES are also very important  and Mirrors and Butterflies

Gemini Moons NEED communications, collection of information/knowledge.  But they often approach their emotions and the emotional states of others by overlooking or rationalizing these emotions . Bot then , in the duality of astrology and life inoveral, Gemini Moon can be very very good at vocalizing emotions

The Gemini Moon is a great person to have around, generally,  for they exude a light and carefree energy and often have brilliant interesting ideas and news to share, be it the latest news articles or the latest gossip.  HOWEVER, The Gemini Moon often find themselves in situations that are “over their heads” emotionally buy allowing their curiosity get the better of them in emotional situations.. Classic ” Curiosity mangling the cat”.  This cannot always be helped because Gemini Moons natural instinct is to ask questions, not always realizing that these questions may have answers they really wont like at all.

Gemini Moon has a bit of a huckster/con-artist bent to their nature for it is in their instinct to manipulate words to their personal advantage. Not always the best of traits in relationships, for then they either twist words during a dispute or perceive that the other person is doing so.

Oh!  don’t expect a Gemini Moon to keep the tidiest of houses, for they are so busy running about, running errands, shopping  or catching up on their FB/Twitter or magazines to get around to housekeeping.   Kids are grand , for many Gemini moons are just big kids at heart and will work hard to establish a parent child relationship that is based on being friends and equals other than parent /child. this can cause issues

Colors to look for as secondary themes are warm yellows and warm greens  and the yellowish greens as well as their sun-sign colors and the silver.blues native to the Moon herself.   Other themes Jesters, clowns, and Duets.

Aries Sun /Gemini Moon

Reba McEntire – Why Haven’t I heard from You

the title alone shows that Gemini Moon. as well as the black and white tiles in the “beauty Shop” the sequence of Reba with all the different wigs, showing the Gemini”multiple faces” .. Oh and blatant telephone references 😀 No No ! Splitting a Gemini (sun OR moon) from their phones is tantamount to cruel and unusual punishment. they MUST have open channels of communication.

herbie hancock – rockit (original music video)

Oh Parings abound! pairs of trousers, pairs of lungs ( oh lungs are gemini) , pair of springs replacing one of the breasts in one of the mechanisms.. lots of “chattering talking speaking” among the automatons .    and watch for a pale yellow flowers and green vase

Taurus Sun /Gemini Moon

Enya – Only Time (video)

In this example, the Gemini Moon is expressed in the title “Only Time “(will tell) (taurus persistence and Gemini communication words)..”Who can Say” repeated in the lyrics many times.  Many instances of the warm “mustard/burnt” yellows and yellowish greens ( pea green ect)  as well as the Taurus rose pinks and earth themes.

Mike Oldfield – Five miles out 1982

For Mike Oldfield, and this video in particular, are the dual lead electric guitars ( which is a recurring theme of his Tubular Bells work, as well) the DUET singers.. the greenish yellow of the set window lights.. the double paring of the extras standing on the porch.  Notice the yellow/green color of his Guitar AND the fact that there are only TWO colors predominant on the set, the Taurus blue and that Gemini yellow green.   The Vocal effects are often of the very Gemini”multiple personalities” variety.

Gemini Sun /Gemini Moon

Kylie Minogue – Confide In Me

Oh Now this being a vid and song by a Double Gemini, IF you  cant make out the Gemini Moon themes, then you really haven’t been paying attention..  But I will point them out.. The Multiple faces / personalities, the telephone “call Me” “confide in me” talking and sharing problems. the “clownface/jester” makeup style.

Example – ‘Kickstarts’ 

THIS starts full blown Gemini from the get go. the yellowy green of the trim on the PAIR of shoes and the Intro title..  The Multiple faces efect, pairs ( and pairs of pairs ) of feet. Yellowish green flowers in background, yellowish and green slinky.   Plenty of Mirros ( where we see our “twin”. many split screen editing effects.   

Cancer Sun / Gemini Moon 

50 cent – In Da Club 

Again that Gemini Moon showing like gangbusters in this vid, as well as the Male cancer sun “tough on the outside tender in the middle”.  the Green titles in the intro, the yellowy green wall in the reception office dual monitors with Eminem. Two doctors in the surgical suite.  Two “whitecoats” in the gym. the warm “mustard” yellow of both 50 cent’s shirt and his partner’s wearing green and yellow. Two partners at his back. Most of the dancers’ shots are of PAIRS or couples. Multiple reflections in the mirrors in the mixing booth.        

Vikki Carr – It Must be Him

Now in that there is no vid component to this song, do listen to the lyrics .. Waiting for the phone to ring , trying to rationalize her love “tell myself don’t be a chump” “I tell myself to not be a fool”. Fluctuating between telling herself to be cool then going all “It must be him!”    

Leo Sun /Gemini Moon


Faye Wong – Hong Du (red bean paste)

Fay Wong’s Leo side nearly overpowers her Gemini Moon, however it is there in the song (in trying to understand/ rationalize emotions) , and in the vid with the quick takes of Faye’s “many faces”  and the Gemini Black or white or both flipping between black and white and color photography. The Dichotomy ( good Gemini word) of knowing that all things end, especially relationships, but wanting them to last forever anyway .  Subtle


Tony Bennett -Cold Cold Heart

Was a little difficult to find a SOLO Tony Bennett recording, for the Gemini Moon loves a good duet.  “evil scheme” in one line scheming is a Gemini thing .. Freeing another’s “doubtful  mind to free a cold cold heart” .    Yes sometimes the Gemini Moon is very good at putting their emotions their hearts , into words .

 Virgo Sun /Gemini Moon

David Allen Cole  – You Never Even Call Me By My Name

 David’s Virgo side is expressed in the LOYALTY of “standing in the rain” The Gemini Moon the Need to be “Called” by his name as a way to verbally express love / emotions Big references to Phone Books can “call Me”

Jo Dee Messina -Do You Want to Make Something of It?

Oh lets see, Twin engine aircraft ( gemini duality) the dirt-bike ( two wheels) The colors of the skydivers jumpsuits one Black and white and yellow .. Yellow in the trim of Jo Dee’s  Virgo BLUE jumpsuit. Asking how the other person feels ” do you want to make something of it?” expecting HIS words to come out twisted . Her Virgo side comes out in the nurturing growing and garden metaphors . Oh and in some of her songs, watch for the Virgo” you hurt me I am cutting you off “and walking  theme. I do suspect Jo Dee has some strong Aries in her natal chart too 😀

Libra Sun / Gemini Moon

Mya – My Love is like ..Wo!

The Visual themes the Libra pastels and purples and blues BUT also the Gemini Yellow ( check her PAIR of tap shoes) Black and yellow or gold and silver Bi-color wall. The “multiple personality” expressed in ALL the many costume changes the communication phrase “Tell me” and “Ask me ” attempt at getting other to verbally rationalize and express their lunar Needs / Emotions.

Scorpio sun / Gemini Moon

Petula Clark-A Sign Of The Times

Its a sign of the times, that you call me up when you feel lonely . ( phone reference)

It is sort of hard to burn through Petula’s Strong scorpio side to find the hidden Gemini Moon… but the references ARE there

Art Garfunkel – I Only Have Eyes For You

Again with the Gemini Moon  attempting to rationalize emotions ( love or otherwise) by asking questions. and again with the EYES , apparently a very Gemini theme as well .

Sagittarius Sun / Gemini Moon

Tina Turner -Whats Love Got to Do With it?

Oh look into the lyrics .. attempting to rationalize Love … Just a second hand emotion… what’s Love….  Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken… Visually, that Gemini Moon Yellow popping up all over in the location shots…

Billy Idol -To Be A Lover

The Gemini moon secondary yellowish green in the boxing ring ropes.    In the lyrics — “have I TOLD you that I love you..”, ” Didn’t I TELL you all those special things  that you long to hear to show how much I care?” … all very Gemini moon sentiments .

Capricorn Sun / Gemini Moon

Joan Baez – Diamonds and Rust

“now you’re telling me you’re not nostalgic then give me another word for it.
you who are so good with words and at keeping things vague because I need some of that vagueness now .”   More of words and how they can be twisted and turned and used , a very Gemini moon theme. visually, there is the lime green / yellowish green spotlight.   References again to eyes , and to calling / phone “where are you calling from”  There is also the Capricorn Sun Materialistic themes of “getting Paid” ” who’s going to pay” “I’ve already paid”

Slick Rick – Street Talkin

Oh now lookie here! TWO Ricks’ that Gemini Duality shows ! Two Girls in the club, Did I mention before that Gemini likes pairings and two of everything?  Adn the Cappy sun..about reputation and MONEY

Aquarius Sun / Gemini Moon

Joan Baez Diamonds and Rust

Joan’s capricorn sun shows in the use of “I already paid, who’s gonna pay ” ect.  Gemini Moon shows ” It’s just that the moon is full And you happened to call And here I sit Hand on the telephone .” 

Sara Evans -My Heart Can’t Tell  You No

Another case of the Gemini moon being blatant in the title.. Verbal expression of what the heart feels .

Her Aqua Sun being visible in the turquoise blues and electric blue primary color themes.. Double doors, mirrors.. the hanging light’s warm yellow color also being reflected.. the “couple” that is being sung about . “Trying to convince myself not to lose control” classic Gemini Moon trying to get head to control heart.

Sara’s “flowing like quicksilver” style of earrings.  A very Gemini attraction . as ell as  the earrings coming in PAIRS.  More of tha Gemini yellow popping in and out of the background in the parking garage walls, the moving van in background (yellow band on its lower side) . Many references in the vocals  concerning “Eyes” .. car headlamps seem to be a recurring visual theme. Makes sense to me for they come in pairs and are the “eyes” of the cars.  Motel Room artwork both as a pair and as that warm yellowish tone .  Oh and the majority of the shots are of TWO people..

Pisces Sun / Gemini Moon

Billy Corgan / The Smashing Pumpkins –

Stand Inside Your Love

To start off, visuial themes Black and white .. extremely Gemini and is symbolic of their “two faces” . Tons of  “eyes” imagery again very Gemini . Many Parings in the visual compositions..  ass well as some abstract Butterfly  imagery .

I’m telling you how much I need and bleed for

Who wouldn’t be the one you love
Who wouldn’t stand inside your love  ( asking questions)

Le Toya -She Ain’t Got

Le Toya isn’t terribly BLATANT with the Gemini Moon of hers in the Video as far as twinning or multiple personalities/ faces, not even mirrors. BUT ,The Gemini Yellows and springy warm greens show in her wardrobe, one or two background shots but PRIMARILY in the spring green color of the laser lights in the video.. Might try to squeeze in the TWO background dancers/ singers.  In the song it is well, just nothing but one line of questioning after the other .  -“Who is this chick that you think’s all that” Does she kiss like me, (no)
Care for your kids like me, (no)
Keep a secret like me, (no)
Does she cook, (no), clean, (no)
Do all the things
Can you take her home to momma, (no)
Deal witcha baby momma, (no)
Does she fight like me
Stay fly like me
Down to ride like me

Yep Gemini’s (sun or Moon and their questions)

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