#Mars in #Taurus


Mars in Taurus


Mars in Taurus denotes plenty of practical and emotional energy, while the physical side is often rather flat, and the interest in the intellectual is also a strain.

The planet of energy is not very active in Taurus, as the physical drive is reduced to a low gear. You may lack thrust and mobility, but make up for this deficiency with outstanding endurance. You are obstinate in many ways, yet practical, determined and very stable. You pursue your material goals with intent determination. Results are based on dogged persevering after a course of action is determined. Once you finally get rolling in one direction, it is nearly impossible to change your course. In Taurus, the energies of Mars are indeed channeled into a practical mode that may center on acquiring money, creature comforts and material possessions. Much your energy is apt to be aimed at securing wealth and a very comfortable lifestyle. Patient and precise in all that you do, you are a natural crafts person and the fruit of your efforts is likely to produce a quality product.

Also high on your list of priorities is the satisfying of physical desires. You are very sensual and sexual partner. Your approach to sex is straightforward and uncomplicated, without fantasies or fetishes; never rushed or over-anxious. Emotionally stable, you are apt to be a devoted and loyal partner.

The negative side of Mars in Taurus is often the lack of flexibility. Taurus is a fixed sign and energies expressed here sometimes come out looking like stubbornness. Even emotions can be held on to too tightly and then released with a major blow up.

Slowly pursues the object of affection using a persistent approach; acts like the typical strong, silent type; talks about goals/plans or shows off nice possessions when attracted to someone, and may even present a credit report as proof of financial stability and ability while asking for a date or during a marriage proposal (yes, I’m exaggerating here); gives massages, long embraces, and slow kisses as foreplay; initiates steady, lasts-all-night sex

Aries Sun /Taurus Mars

Reba McEntire – I’m Gonna Take That Mountain

Paula Cole-I Don’t Want to Wait

Taurus Sun /Taurus Mars

Janet Jackson – When I Think Of You

Billy Joel – We Didn’t Start The Fire

Gemini Sun / Taurus Mars

Kanye West – Stronger

Paula Abdul – Knocked Out

Cancer Sun / Taurus Mars

50 Cent – Music Is My Sport

M.I.A. – “Bad Girls”

Leo Sun / Taurus Mars

Madonna – Die another day

Soulja Boy – AK 47

Virgo Sun / Taurus Mars

Michael Jackson – Beat It

Nas – I Can

Libra Sun /Taurus Mars

Chuck Berry Live 1972 ~ My Ding-a-Ling

Trick Daddy – Bet That

Scorpio Sun / Taurus Mars

Okay I failed to find a Scorpio sun /Taurus Mars musicians, so let me uses a couple  actors as examples

Megan Mullally – Karen & Megan in Zucker Follies

Jamie Lee Curtis True Lies Strip

Sagittarius Sun / Taurus Mars

Nikki Sixx – Sixx:A.M. – Life Is Beautiful

JoJo – Leave (Get Out)

Capricorn Sun / Taurus Mars

Vanity – Vanity Six – Nasty Girl (original 1982)

Pixie Lott – What Do You Take Me For?

Aquarius Sun / Taurus Mars

Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (Crusin)

Jody Watley – Your Love Keeps Working On Me

Pisces Sun / Taurus Mars

Ke$ha – We R Who We R

Queen Latifah – Paper

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