#Mars in #Gemini

mars in gemini

Mars is the planet that rules our drive and passions. In the mutable air sign of Gemini, Mars is a little scattered and unfocused. Easily bored, Mars in Gemini natives need a fresh change of pace frequently just to keep energy levels up. It’s a somewhat odd thing, really. When there’s nothing much to do, these natives are exhausted. But if there’s plenty of interesting things on their agenda, Mars in Gemini natives can be powerhouses! More than most people, these individuals have a physical reaction to boredom.

Besides possessing a passion for words, when Mars in Gemini natives get angry or fired up, they use words as their “weapon”. Angry words—some of the most incisive and sarcastic ones—can fly around with the more energetic natives. Others simply talk things through—energetically! Whatever the case may be, Mars in Gemini natives need to get everything off their chests when they’re fired up.

In fact, debates are a Mars in Gemini specialty. These natives draw on their sharp wit to win arguments. In general, they can be talkative sorts, sometimes bordering on verbal diarrhea. Those whose charts show more reserve only become chatty when they’re worked up about something or the other.

Some people with this position of Mars are quite fidgety. They have much nervous energy. In general, their nervousness and restlessness are at the root of plenty of physical ups and downs. When they’re on edge, they can be nitpicky.

Many Mars in Gemini natives channel their energy through their hands. Gemini, after all, rules the hands; and these people often express energy through musical instruments and the like—even video games. Many are attracted to puzzles and games as diversions.

These natives are very adaptable, often thriving on change. They often take up many projects at once, spreading themselves thin at times. Sustained interest is not especially common with this position of Mars. Most will benefit from attempting to focus their energies rather than scattering them. However, their versatility and disdain for routine generally means Mars in Gemini natives are busy people. Gemini Mars may also have more than one sexual interest.

Sporadically pursues object of affection using a now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t approach; attracts attention by making clever observations and extending invitations to fun and/or interesting events; provides playful, sarcastic teasing, writing/reading erotic letters, and sexually suggestive phone conversations as foreplay; initiates quick, multiple-session sex.

Aries Sun / Gemini Mars

Joss Stone – While You’re Out Looking For Sugar

Da Brat – That’s What I’m Looking For

Taurus Sun / Gemini Mars

Dwayne Johnson/ The Rock

(yeah I know it isn’t music BUT no one can wield ‘Words as weapons” like The Rock )

Toni Tennille Captain & Tennille Do That To Me One More Time

Cancer Sun / Gemini Mars

Kris Kristofferson – The Silver Tongued Devil and I

Don Henley – Dirty Laundry

(sorry could not locate the vid version )

Leo Sun / Gemini Mars

Ian Anderson – Jethro Tull – Locomotive Breath

Demi Lovato – La La Land

Virgo Sun / Gemini Mars

Joan Jett – I Hate Myself For Loving You

To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before

Libra Sun / Gemini Mars

Chevy Chase – Christmas Vacation – Clark goes off

Scorpio Sun / Gemini Mars

Every Which Way But Loose – Ma (Ruth Gordon)

Sagittarius Sun /Gemini Mars

Milla Jovovich interview

Mindy McCready:Guys Do It All The Time

Capricorn Sun / Gemini Mars

Martin Luther King  – short version “I Have a Dream”

Thank God I’m a Country Boy:John Denver

Aquarius Sun / Gemini Mars

Rutger Hauer – Bog – the Lexx – Eating Pattern

Rick Ross – 911 (official video)

Pisces Sun / Gemini Mars

Roger Daltrey – Tommy -The Who – See Me, Feel Me

Flavor Flav!

Mistakes Miley Cyrus For Gwen Stefani!

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