#Mars in #Aries

mars in aries

Mars in Aries

Mars is at its strongest in Aries, its natural sign. This placement represents high energy, initiative, courage and impulsiveness. Most of the energies seem to come out as the physical and emotional type, but in Aries, Mars is very active and assertive in demonstrating enthusiasm for all four types of energy. This is a very powerful position for Mars.

You have an unrestricted drive to get projects done, to start new projects, and to act decisively. Your enthusiasm is contagious. An individualist with quite an ego, you always want to do things your way. Based on the influence of this planet taken by itself, you are not good at compromise or teamwork. There is a major part of you that always wants to charge out ahead of the pack and be the leader. Despite your apparent leadership abilities, you may function best when you are working alone and independently because of your demand to have your own way. If you are in a group, you will aspire to be the leader. Headstrong and independent, you won’t tolerate opposition or interference and your temper can get you into trouble at times. Mars in Aries makes you very competitive in a variety of ways. This is perhaps the most courageous and enterprising Mars position.

You have a very strong sex drive which is spontaneous and easily aroused. Self-control can be a problems in this regard. As on the physical side, you are often unrestrained and very demanding emotionally.

The negative side of Mars in Aries is a lack of patience and discipline. Self-control and humility can be hard lessons, and often they are never mastered.

Boldly pursues object of affection using a direct approach; actively demonstrates prowess in anything, acts adventurous, and is more than willing to compete for affection; arguing and/or physical fighting is instant foreplay; initiates a lot of right-now, anything-goes quickie sex

Aries Sun / Aries Mars

Loretta Lynn

Kenny Chesney

 Aries Mars / Taurus Sun

Iggy Pop

Debra Wilson

( I could not pass on Bunifa as an Aries Mars example)

Aries Mars / Gemini Sun

Lauryn Hill

Juliette Lewis And The Licks

Aires Mars / Cancer Sun

KT Tunstall – Hold On

Mel Brooks – The Inquisition

Aries Mars / Leo sun


(Chad Future English Remix)

Dani Filth – Cradle of Filth –

The Foetus Of A New Day Kicking

Aries Mars / Virgo Sun

Otis Redding -Cigarettes and Coffee

Make Your Own Kind of Music ( Mama Cass Elliott )

Aries Mars / Libra Sun

Paul Simon -Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

Chubby Checker – Let’s Twist Again

Aries Mars / Scorpio Sun

Helen Reddy “I Am Woman”

Sticky Fingaz – Get It Up

Aries Mars / Capricorn Sun

Aqualung – Easier To Lie

James Durbin – Stand Up

Aries Mars / Aquarius Sun

Cat Powers – He War

Eddie Van Halen – Catherine ( 5150 Studio )

Aries Mars / Pisces Sun

Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats

Lisa Loeb – Someone You Should Know

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