#Mercury in #Virgo


Mercury in Virgo

Mercury in Virgo people are rarely flashy in their communication style, but they do thoroughly appreciate it when others acknowledge their brainpower. These people love to keep track of all the details. They can be a little high-strung when things are not orderly or when things seem out of control, so they put a lot of energy into taking care of day-to-day, practical matters.
Mercury in Virgo men and women are generally adept at organizing, planning on a short-term scale, and doing errands. They pay their bills on time, enjoy learning the details of a trade, and generally don’t balk at secretarial tasks. They function best when they (or others) have laid out exactly what they have to do. They are generally prompt at responding to others (although a Leo Sun may be less so), and often are willing to lend a hand to others by doing research and leg work for them.
Generally, these people are considered rather useful in their work and as friends because they have a handle on the details of the things they do.
Although they are capable of learning a lot, they need orderly environments in which to learn and study, and organized study methods. They generally pick up a lot of facts and figures, and learn their own trade well, but have trouble truly absorbing the knowledge they collect on a deeper level. Although resourceful, Mercury in Virgo is not as strong at lateral thinking than, for example, water sign Mercuries.
If your Mercury is in Sagittarius or Gemini, you may find Mercury in Virgo difficult to communicate with. Although you two may share common interests, the way you deliver your message can be intensely different to the point of frustration. Learning to understand that your thought processes are different, and the way you present your ideas differ, but there is more common ground than you may know.
Mercury in Virgo natives may appear humble at times, but they get quite protective when it comes to handling day-to-day affairs. They can be very impatient with others, feel they do these things best, take on more work than they should, and then complain that they are doing all the dirty work.

Sun in Leo / Mercury in Virgo

Melanie Griffith – Working Girl

Mercury acts as a break to many of the over-exuberant, enthusiastic and optimistic qualities of Leo. Its influence will add some practical down-to-earth common sense, preventing the subject from over-reacting when excited, and causing them to think twice before bragging, or perhaps buying showy clothes.

Here is an excellent blend of the ability to assess situations in detail and the broader Leonine approach. The nervous energy of Mercury will complement the fiery emotional and physical energy of Leo and, if other planets do not inhibit, a great deal should be achieved, since creative flair (Leo) will work with the careful, critical development of potential (Mercury in Virgo).

With the Sun in Leo, its creative fire may irradiate the intricate patterns laid out by the logical mind with glowing colors.

Sun in Virgo / Mercury in Virgo

P!nk – Perfect

Sun in Libra / Mercury in Virgo

Chevy Chase – Clark goes berserk in the car.

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