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Mercury in Taurus

Since Taurus is slow and Mercury is the mind, the individual with Mercury in Taurus will be slow to make up their mind. Once it is set, however, they stand by their word. Their ideas coagulate like a pudding that has jelled. It may not be possible to mix in new concepts without mental disruption, but their thoughts can be turned out in a literary or artistic mold.

This individual may delay in deciding what they want out of life but when they do embark upon an enterprise they follow through. Once an idea has been implanted in their mind it is solidly rooted, and they will amass great quantities of information on the subjects which capture their interest. As a scholar, they refrain from jumping to conclusions. In fact, it is beneath the dignity of most Taureans to jump at anything. They prefer to reach their goals by pacing steadily along a well-marked highway and consciously avoiding the distractions of enticing bypaths.

The typical Taurean is stubborn and persevering and will struggle mightily to gain the satisfactions they crave. Since Mercury can be flighty and abstract, the persistence of the sign enhances the planet’s material effectiveness, especially with regard to making money. The financial acumen of Mercury/Taurus people proves that it takes more than mental brilliance to produce wealth. Often the plodding, utilitarian thinker can magnetize money while the more scintillating intellects, whose vision is attenuated by abstract ideas, cannot make ends meet.

The danger of this position is mental inertia. The efforts of Taurus to incorporate the elusive qualities of Mercury can be like harnessing a bull to a butterfly in order to combine strength and lightness. The volatility of this airy planet is so incompatible with the massive solidarity of the sign that they may have difficulty in cooperating. Generally, it is easier for the person with Mercury in Taurus to absorb knowledge from practical experience than from teachers in school. They are less interested in theories than in workable techniques which can be applied to the problems of everyday living.

If the Sun has moved into the sign Gemini, a basic urge to communicate will be expedited by a graphic sense of form and design. This combination can make a compelling writer with a talent for producing memorable images. Special interest will be taken in the reproduction and transmission of the spoken word.

Mercury in Taurus is particularly favorable for occupations pertaining to the earth sciences and the transportation industry. From this position alone, it is not possible to say what vocation a person will follow. However, one can surmise that in all undertakings he will apply his mind in down-to-earth ways and find pragmatic ways of linking supply and demand, and manipulating the resources at his disposal with determined intelligence.

Taurus Mercury / Aries Sun

Jessie James

This acts as an excellent stabilizer to the impetuous Arian. The ability to think slowly and constructively is an asset, and the chances of impulsive or reckless decision-making are very much mitigated.

There is plenty of common sense and the subject should have no difficulty in pacing themselves when making plans or preparing for any kind of examination or test. Sometimes Arian selfishness can be exacerbated by stubbornness, and there will be an inclination to reject both faults when they are mentioned.

With the Sun is in Aries and Mercury is in Taurus, Arian inventiveness can be applied to the production of objects of a practical nature. Such an individual may be both a trail-blazer and a road-builder. They know how to promote ideas and make them materially effective.


Taurus Mercury / Taurus Sun

“YOU GOT IT” Β Roy Orbison

Here is a “salt of the earth” type. What is said is usually meant, so they are reliable. However, quick responses and the ability to get moving, both physically and mentally, must be developed. Taurean stubbornness and dislike of change will certainly be present.

Every opinion may be cautiously and carefully considered, as this is the combination of the strong, silent type, only speaking when they have something really worthwhile to say.

The grasp of situations and acquisition of knowledge will be slow but comments will be deliberate; thoughts are charmingly expressed. Time is needed to assimilate new ideas.


Taurus Mercury / Gemini Sun

Dean Martin

Because Mercury rules Gemini, this placing has a considerable effect on the Sun sign characteristics as well as the mental outlook and thinking processes. Considerable stability is added to this lively, quick, versatile type, and will greatly assist in thinking more carefully and constructively, even adding a little patience at times.

Practical common sense is usual and the individual should assimilate facts well; brightness of personality is not diminished. The Sun and Mercury in Taurus encourage the desire to bring about concrete achievement and visible results. The mind is concerned with problems of relative values and with originating methods for accomplishing work with maximum ease and efficiency.

This is an excellent anchorage for Sun sign Geminians.

6 thoughts on “#Mercury in #Taurus

  1. I have my Mercury in Taurus and Sun in Gemini, I think having my sun in Gemini and being a very airy person in general has really changed the way my Mercury in Taurus works; I have a flighty, changeable and un-rooted mind. So I’m still working out how my Taurus Mercury works! πŸ˜›

    1. taurus mercury? slowly, methodically , once decided, hard to change mind. makes for creativity in words, too , like a mercury venus conjunction

      1. My mind changes very easily, I think anyway. Mercury in Taurus is something I need to look into more, especially how it works with me

    2. I have this, too. Also, flighty and changeable… I have most of my planets in air and mutable signs and Mercury is the only earth and fixed planet I have. I think Gemini is very powerful in me.

      But one thing I’m not so Geminian is the way I study things… When I REALLY want to absorb something, that’s when I slow down… REALLY slow down. Let’s say a normal person can understand something in 30 minutes… well, I’ll understand it in 2 hours or so. And I need my senses open (normally, touch, sight and hearing). That means I’ll read it several times, prepare notes for it (hand written or typed – well, love to use my hands), and maybe illustrate it in the way I understand it (so long as I catch myself from doodling things or surfing the net on time – this adds to the number of hours studying… lol!)

      Turtle, huh? Lol!

      But one thing I learned, whatever I learned the Taurean way, it stays longer than when I learned it the Gemini way.

      Hmm… How do I learn the Gemini way? With speed and usually just looking at the main idea. Maybe add some details that will add to the big picture.

      Having this placement is cool I tell you, so long as you have the patience to do it… Hahahaha! Come on!

      Hmm… how about communication? When I’m in my Gemini, talkative mode, I usually flit from one topic to another. Normally I use this when having “small talk” to acquaintances.

      Now, add Taurus energy in communication and you’ll get something. Try combining Gemini’s gift with words and Taurus no nonsense style and practicality and you’ll get a type of communication that is powerful and compelling. In my experience, people really listen when I use both these energies. Its the same with writing. Using both energies can make you write stories, poems etc with vivid images and feelings. Well, maybe because while you use Taurus energy in writing, you are also opening all your senses. Then Gemini will translate all of these into words.

      Cool huh?

      A word of caution though. Too much of this energy can make you very stubborn and inflexible, no matter how versatile and flexible you are. Again, from experience… πŸ™‚

      Good luck with your Taurus Mercury!

      1. It is a good thing to have a combination Taurus Mercury with a Gemini Sun .. it allows your mind to slow down and focus on more practical matters, unlike the Gemini Mercury who tends to prattle on about pretty much anything and everything

  2. Thanks so much for that reply! I loved reading it!
    I am exactly the same with learning things the Gemini way and going into a Gemini talkative mood where I flit from person to person and topic to topic and think out loud and speak really fast haha.
    I think I do combine both Taurus and Gemini when learning most of the time, I can fully grasp concepts quite quickly, whereas if I didn’t have the Taurus side I probably wouldn’t grasp the full thing. (Yay for Taurus!)
    Patience! Yes that’s what I can sometimes have! I can be really impatient at times but at others I can be extremely patient and very very tolerant!
    The communication advice is really interesting, I’ll definitely try and use those tips!
    Thank you for such a great reply with loads of great information and advice! Only a Gemini/Taurus would want to talk so much while giving practical advice and have the patients to do it πŸ˜‰ see what I did there? hahah!
    I think that’s what I’m afraid of, being inflexible and fixed, but I guess I just have to embrace it and try and get a balance of mutable/airy signs and fixed earth! Thanks again!
    Aaran πŸ™‚

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