#Mercury in #Capricorn


Mercury in Capricorn

Saturn-ruled Capricorn tinctures the Mercurial mind with patience, prudence, and practicality. People subject to this combination of influences expedite their plans in a thorough and systematic manner and can generally be counted on to carry out their stated intentions.

The ability to present well-timed and clearly reasoned ideas gives them a dignified and sensible demeanor. Even if they happen to be wrong, this person commands respect, for they seldom indulge in foolish or silly chatter.

Although the mind usually works fairly slowly, the individual can think in a constructive and practical way, able to form a rational and cool view of every situation. Mathematical ability is likely, but one may be slow when studying, and progress may be more steady than rapid.

Every move is calculated and made with great caution. A liking for quality and tradition is common. Achievements can often be underestimated.

Mercury and Saturn maintain their friendly relations with each other throughout the zodiac. Saturn issues orders which Mercury, the servant of the gods, willingly obeys. The heavy vibrations of Capricorn endow this quicksilver planet with the stability it inherently lacks, while Mercury contributes wit and skill to the Capricornian determination to succeed.

A child of the happy marriage of Mercury and Saturn is the dictionary which serves as a final authority on words. While this planetary union is not inherently creative it can, like a dictionary, serve as an invaluable aid in giving proper expression to talents shown elsewhere in the chart.

Just as the cohesiveness of the body (Saturn) is coordinated by the nervous system (Mercury), so is the cohesiveness of a nation derived from its system of internal communications. Ancient Rome was able to achieve greatness because of the efficiency of the communications network linking the central government with the far-flung reaches of the empire.

Even after the empire collapsed, Roman writings, laws, and administrative procedures endured through the centuries. Words enabled the dead to rule the living and perpetuate the power or the past. Thus, Mercury and Capricorn cooperate to form lasting structures bound together by words and ideas.

Although this combination may give a wry humor, it is not necessarily lighthearted since pessimism can be the price Mercury pays for Saturn’s mature judgment. There is too realistic an assessment of the foibles and limitations of human nature to feel particularly cheerful about the prospects for humanity in general.

Mercury in Capricorn can be serious or censorious, exact or exacting, dogged or dogmatic. The mind concentrates and directs thought with deliberate intent, but the purposes for which this gift will be used are still contingent on the age of the soul.

Sun in Sagittarius / Mercury in Capricorn

Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble

When the Sun is in Sagittarius and Mercury is in Capricorn, the mind has a longer tether. There may be greater optimism and religious idealism but less single-minded concentration on the task at hand. As a manager, supervisor, guide, or teacher the individual may do better training others in practical skills than carrying them out themselves.

Sagittarian over-enthusiasm and blind optimism are steadied here. Common sense and a practical, cautious streak are added, plus the ability to cope with details.

The broad Sagittarian sense of humor is spiced with the offbeat Capricorn slant, making the person very funny at times.

Sagittarian restlessness will be less of a problem but versatility may be reduced.

Sun in Capricorn / Mercury in Capricorn

Knowing – Nicolas Cage Interview

The person whose Sun and Mercury are both in Capricorn seldom changes their mind and should beware of becoming stiff and opinionated. Respect for tradition can impede progress as conservative Saturn freezes the Mercurial intellect into static patterns of thought.

On the positive side, they have the courage of their convictions and will struggle dauntlessly to make their ideas accepted.

This combination adds lively ambition and often a positive outlook. This person enjoys coping with rivals, and careful planning and forethought should come easily.

The mind works in a very calculated and careful way, with plenty of common sense and usually excellent mathematical and scientific potential. Sometimes there is also musical ability. A measured, steady yet slow pace is common, but what is learned is done so very thoroughly.

Sun in Aquarius / Mercury in Capricorn

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With the Sun in Aquarius and Mercury in Capricorn, the mind is more original and independent. A flair for science is present, and imagination will be shown in all intellectual pursuits. This is a helpful blend for organized research.

Aquarian originality and perversity are steadied by the ability to think in a practical way, and stubbornness can be less of a problem. However, some conventionality will be added to Aquarian unconventionality, so one’s opinions may swing between the two extremes. Some caution will be a counter to the Aquarian need for individuality and independence.

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