The #Planets #Mercury


Rules Both Virgo ( as Hermes) and Gemini. 3rd and 6th houses. Not happy in either Pisces or Sagittarius.

Mind , Communication (mental and physical) , Thinking , Movement , Writing ,  Spoken word, Crafty, Witty, Intelligent, Versatile ,  Air/Earth, Precocious, Inventive,  Amoral, Cunning, Perceptive, Crafts

Intellectual, Reasonable, Critical, Good with hands, Argumentative, Positive +/Negative-
Rational mind, Trickster, Thief, Craftsman, Nervous/tense, Wednesday,
‘Gift of the gab’ , Liar, Commerce,  Words,  Language,  Symbols,  Signs,
Crossroads,  Travellers,  School,  Learning , Siblings,  Short journeys, Commutes, Bridges, Restless, Go-between, Herm stone, Children, young people, Curious, Inquisitive,  Asexual, Hermaphrodite, Studying, Books,
Education, Speech, Names, Mimicry, Logic, Storyteller,Bards, Lyrics, Gathering, processing, communicating,  Dealing,  Exchange,  Neighbours, Information,  Trading , Markets,  Connections,  Mental activities, The Magician, Harlequin, Pied Piper, Peter Pan, Puck,Games, especially word games , Brothers & sisters,  Duality,  Mentality, Twins,  Dark twin,  ‘Jack of all trades’,  ‘Finger in too many pies’, Type of nervous reactions,  General tendency to motion,  Connections, Androgyny, Coordination, inflow/outflow of intelligence, Comedy/Tragedy , Theater, The Magician, Harlequin, Pied Piper, Peter Pan, Puck (Midsummer Nights Dream), Ariel (Tempest), Data Networks, Nerves and Nervous system.

Transport, buses, trams, cars, trains, roads, railways, post office, post, couriers, letters, parcels, mobile phones, phones, agents, agencies, shops, bartering, buying/selling, craftsmen, manual dexterity, writing implements
Teachers, schools, transport system, trade, commerce, traditionally: earthquakes, astrology, strong winds, Caduceus, healing, doctors, medic Colour – yellow, sky blue, Lungs, brain, conscious nervous system, hands, arms, respiratory system, breathing,Greyhounds, foxes, squirrels, hyenas, birds (generally), parrots, swallows, cranes,Hazel, marjoram, parsley, legumes, vervain, fennel, dill, multi-coloured flowers (Lilly), beans, walnut, lungwort,Quicksilver, agates, topaz, marchasite, multi-coloured stones, opal, jasper, amber.

There can only be Three Sun sign combinations for each Mercury sign.  Click the appropriate pic below.

In that Mercury is about Communications, I will be stepping away from the Musical astrology for this page, for the spoken words is far more appropriate for most examples.  If I do find a song that fits the bill, I will use it. –AB

Mercury in the Signs

Mercury in Aries

Mercury in Aries


Mercury in Taurus


Mercury in Gemini


Mercury in Cancer


Mercury in Leo


Mercury in Virgo


Mercury in Libra


Mercury in Scorpio


Mercury in Sagittarius


Mercury in Capricorn


Mercury in Aquarius


Mercury in Pisces

Parents: Hermes was the son of Zeus, the King of the Gods, and the mountain Nymph Maea, who was a daughter of the Titan Atlas. Hermes was born inside a cave on Mount Cyllene in Arcadia, southern Greece.
Famous Children: Hermaphroditus and the Satyr Pan.
Hermes, the God’s Messenger and Conductor of Souls

Hermes was wearing wings on his sandals and therefore was the speediest of all Greek gods. Because of his speed, Hermes received the role of the messenger and conductor of souls to the Underworld. Hermes was the only Olympian god who was authorized to visit Heaven, Earth and also the Underworld and enjoyed this way popularity among all the Greek gods and spirits.

Hermes, the God of the Thieves
It is well known that Ancient Greeks endowed their gods with human weaknesses. Hermes, for instance, felt an irresistible impulse of stealing ever since his infancy and quickly developed as the god of the cheaters and the thieves.

Hermes’ special Relation to Zeus
Hermes was a messenger of all gods, but mostly he was known for performing duties for his father Zeus with great pleasure. Zeus appreciated Hermes’ wits highly and always asked for Hermes’ assistance throughout his decisions, especially when it came to cheating on his wife Hera.

Appearance of Hermes

Hermes was a young man, wearing traveling clothes, a flat hat known as “petasus” and winged sandals on his feet. Oftentimes he was also considered to have wings attached to his shoulders and hat. 
Hermes usually held a winged staff with snakes wrapped around it in his hands in order to gain access everywhere. This staff helped Hermes to charm the gods or to wake up those who were tamed by the god of sleep.

Symbols of Hermes

The caduceus (his staff), the purse (or leather pouch), the winged sandals, the ram and the petasus (his hat).


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