Not the deepest #Astrology Post .. My Solar Return chart for discussion

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So here it is my Astro-tweeps my solar return chart for the upcoming year.  Discussions are now open Please use the comments section below . I do see Transiting Jupiter trining my natal Part of Fortune with the Transiting Moon in orb of also being conjunct with my natal pars Fortuna and Trine Jupiter transiting . Lilith squaring Saturn , well I don’t know exactly what to make of that for so little is still determined by Lilith aspects .

So Please Discuss and help me understand and in turn , perhaps YOU will gain understanding as well

#Pluto in #Leo ,Well, a LOT like this #astrology


Lou Reed – MOK -Triumph – Rock n Rule

One of the finest and most blatant example of the old Pluto in Leo energies…. taken to the extreme, of course . Pretty Certain MOK has a strong Scorpio Moon bent.   If you haven’t heard of Rock N Rule.. one of the best “rock operas” out there. It is the ONLY Sci-Fi Rock Opera that I am aware of.

Planets At the Sun-Moon Midpoint

Great posting on the effects of planets and the sun/moon midpoints #astrology




Sun-Moon Themes: The inner marriage. Masculine and feminine. Conscious and unconscious. Active and receptive energies. A beaming light and it’s reflection. What we want and what fulfills us. Future and past. Spirit and soul. Zest for life and comfort zone. Life’s mission and security needs.

Planets Activating the Sun-Moon Midpoint

Mercury: The exchange of ideas is potentially used as a tool to bridge the conscious and unconscious mind.

Venus: Relationships can contribute to the merging of the masculine and feminine energies within.

Mars: The application of will is capable of synthesizing the life force and reflective, receptive energies.

Jupiter: One’s vitality and emotional needs can be through exploration of higher  knowledge as a vehicle for consciousness expansion.

Saturn:  Personal identity and the capacity for emotional expression have the potential to be stabilized and anchored by a responsible, mature presentation of self and control of feeling faculties.

Uranus: Individuation and authentic…

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Between Science and Superstition – The #Astrology of #Comets

A wonderful post by my friend @sagittarianmind on the effects of comets in astrology.

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#Pholus in #Astrology “The Foolish One”

yall watch this 2

Pholus – The “Foolish” Centaur


PHOLOS (or Pholus) was one of the Peloponnesian kentauroi (centaurs) who dwelt in a cave on Mount Pholoe. He once had cause to entertain the hero Herakles who was passing by in search of the Erymanthian boar. But when Pholos opened his wine-skin to serve the hero, the other kentauroi were thrown into a frenzy by the aroma and attacked. Herakles managed to kill most of them with his arrows, with the few survivors  fleeing to far off parts.

Pholos himself also died in the ruckuss, through a mishap–for when he was examining one of the poisonous arrows of Herakles, he accidentally dropped it on his foot. After his death the gods rewarded him for his kind hospitality by placing him amongst the stars as constellation Centaurus. His wine cup became the adjacent “Crater.”

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