#Astrology Perspective on the Death of Lee Thompson Young

lee thompson young

LEE THOMPSON YOUNG #RIP Gone a bit too soon

( and now a member of the 29 club..those people who can’t adjust and that self destruct between the ages of 28 and 30)

In astrological terms, he was undergoing his first Saturn return (These periods are estimated to occur at roughly the ages of 29, 58 and 87. A fourth return occurs for only a few people, at age 114-118. Saturn seeks weaknesses, if you have any particular natal issues concerning Saturn, there is a very good chance that he will “take advantage” of those weaknesses.  He will test us through all manner of Trial and Tribulation during the above periods of our lives. Many of us don’t survive  the third return.

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Corey Monteith – An Astrological “Post Mortem” #astrology

Corey Monteith – An Astrological

“Post Mortem”


“Using Natal, Progressed and Mortis (Death) Charts to Determine Circumstances of a Death”

Yes we have heard of this terrible tragedy all over the news. This may seem morbid to some, though I find this a good teaching lesson on using astrology to determine circumstances around a person’s death utilizing two methods: Natal vs. Death chart and Progressed Natal vs Death chart.  Other astrologers would use what is known as a “triple wheel chart” however I find these to be a bit confusing and my software will NOT generate them.   I think you will find these very..”illuminating”.

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