#Pholus in #Astrology “The Foolish One”

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Pholus – The “Foolish” Centaur


PHOLOS (or Pholus) was one of the Peloponnesian kentauroi (centaurs) who dwelt in a cave on Mount Pholoe. He once had cause to entertain the hero Herakles who was passing by in search of the Erymanthian boar. But when Pholos opened his wine-skin to serve the hero, the other kentauroi were thrown into a frenzy by the aroma and attacked. Herakles managed to kill most of them with his arrows, with the few survivors  fleeing to far off parts.

Pholos himself also died in the ruckuss, through a mishap–for when he was examining one of the poisonous arrows of Herakles, he accidentally dropped it on his foot. After his death the gods rewarded him for his kind hospitality by placing him amongst the stars as constellation Centaurus. His wine cup became the adjacent “Crater.”

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