Not the deepest #Astrology Post .. My Solar Return chart for discussion

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So here it is my Astro-tweeps my solar return chart for the upcoming year. ¬†Discussions are now open Please use the comments section below . I do see Transiting Jupiter trining my natal Part of Fortune with the Transiting Moon in orb of also being conjunct with my natal pars Fortuna and Trine Jupiter transiting . Lilith squaring Saturn , well I don’t know exactly what to make of that for so little is still determined by Lilith aspects .

So Please Discuss and help me understand and in turn , perhaps YOU will gain understanding as well

Corey Monteith – An Astrological “Post Mortem” #astrology

Corey Monteith – An Astrological

“Post Mortem”


“Using Natal, Progressed and Mortis (Death) Charts to Determine Circumstances of a Death”

Yes we have heard of this terrible tragedy all over the news. This may seem morbid to some, though I find this a good teaching lesson on using astrology to determine circumstances around a person’s death utilizing two methods: Natal vs. Death chart and Progressed Natal vs Death chart. ¬†Other astrologers would use what is known as a “triple wheel chart” however I find these to be a bit confusing and my software will NOT generate them. ¬† I think you will find these very..”illuminating”.

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