Featured Artist Miranda Lambert #Scorpio Sun #Capricorn Moon

Featured Artist : Miranda Lambert


Scorpio Sun , Capricorn Moon

Miranda is that very strong combination of the intensity of a Scorpio Sun with the rock solid resolve of the Capricorn Moon. This mix of Plutonian strength and Saturnian ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ ┬áis shown to its best in her video “Mama’s Broken Heart.

Scorpios never wear their heart on their sleeves like many other signs. They wish to dominate their relationships, sometimes even subconsciously and keep their true emotions covered deep inside.

People who are born with the sun in Scorpio are intelligent and have a certain depth that many find to be intimidating. They like to listen while themselves giving out very little.

The calm exterior hides the turbulent interior well. The intensity present in them helps them to move forward in times of struggle or stagnancy. Whenever they reach a standstill, they will somehow manage to solve the underlying problem with their tenacity and strong will.

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