Welcome to #Sagittarius Season! #Astrology


Featured Sagittarius

Natasha Bedingfield



These Words

self-confident,  enthusiastic, anecdotes and stories, happy-go-lucky, Luck and fortune , prophetic or visionary, uplifting ,expansion, exploration of new territory and personal adventures, outspoken and blunt, idealistic visions, loyal and honest, freedom to search for the truth, honest, Social, optimistic, and trusting
Completely honest and ardent in Love. Themes to look for Anything expansive Books and education that expands the mind , DEEP Spirituality ( Jupiter co-ruling Pisces) ect. Distant cultures. Justice and and injustices. COWBOYS!

Colors to look for , the Royal colors of Jupiter Purples (light and royal) and METALLIC golden hues . Not the Bright “golden yellow” of Leo/Sun . Light sky blues. In Songs never EVER down always happy , up beat. Horses and Harleys. All things WILD and FREE. Trains “iron horses that travel to distant places”

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#Jupiter in #Cancer .. is a bit like this

Jupiter is Now in Cancer, Sign of the CrabMr._Krabs'_Love_of_Money..  And it will be a little like this ..

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