Speaking Astrology Through Hip Hop

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True to my Sagittarian mind, I’m on an infinite quest to “connect” the dots. To take various bits of information and synthesize, thereby creating a whole.

In fact, these pieces may even seem to be unrelated at the time. For most of my adult life, music and astrology have consistently spoken to me. Both are universal languages, and I am of the opinion that if we know how and where to look, we can discover the themes of these two beautiful symbolic tongues manifesting in almost everything around us.

Since I’m a hip hop head, I’ve put together a collection of lyrics for the 12 signs of the zodiac to help you better understand their underlying themes and thought processes.  I hope you enjoy.

Note: I have chosen lyrics based on the theme of the zodiac sign and not the particular sign of the quoted emcee.


“When I attack, there ain’t an army who…

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#Capricorn #Sun #Gemini #Moon ..Slick Rick!

#Capricorn #Sun #Gemini #Moon ..Slick Rick!

slick rick

In Rick we have the Caprican Knack for Business and desire to be a status symbol.. followed with the huckster side of the Gemini Moon.. look for those Gemini Dualities, My Readers!

#Sun in #Gemini #Moon in #Virgo #Venus in #Cancer

Sun is in Gemini, Moon is in Virgo, Mercury in Cancer, Venus in Cancer

Is a good day for a little of the Notorious B.I.G

Notorious BIG

(Gemini Sun, Virgo Moon, Mercury in Taurus, Venus and Mars in Cancer)

B.I.G has massive amounts of wonderful cancer imagery in his Vids… lots of white, water, (in nasty girl watch for these white fish in the aquarium, the Boats in “Hypnotize” Venus in Cancer) .  His mars in Cancer showing in Action concerning “military and security”

Mercury in Taurus, Gives strong kills in Music and a nice slow beat to all of his songs and rhymes.

There are lots of warm earth tones showing his Virgo Moon… As well as Golf, Very crisp and clean clothes.(  The Virgo Moon ALWAYS dresses sharply,  If not simply)

His Gemini sun shows in that many, if not MOST, of the shots used in his vids have pairings of people… and often two of things.