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Mercury in Gemini

The person born with Mercury in Gemini has the type of purely logical mind that cannot see why human beings insist upon making so much trouble for themselves. They are convinced that if they would only behave reasonably and look at their problems realistically, most of their sufferings might be avoided. It frustrates them that they do not run their lives more intelligently. In defense, they periodically retreat into a world of abstract studies where they can indulge their proclivity for arranging items systematically.

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(Gemini Sun , Gemini Mercury)

As ruler of Gemini, Mercury can vent its volatile nature in this sign without being continually impeded by practical considerations. It is plain to see why this light-footed lord of the mind, nerves and all tubes and wires, and channels of communication should have suzerainty over the sign of connections. Mercury carries the messages that link the diverse elements within a given system and enables the system as whole to adjust to the environment. Thus, it bifurcates into the awareness of the inner and outer realms which enables the conscious ego to look two ways at once.

One can use their mind lucidly and effectively in order to convey their own or other people’s opinions. Their thinking is neither instinctive in the manner of the Moon, Mars, and Venus, nor intuitive in the manner of Uranus and Neptune, but is as strictly rational as they can make it. By clarifying issues and stringing ideas together in logical sequences, this person endeavors to make facts speak for themselves. They have a compulsion to find out why things behave as they do and are convinced that there must be a causal explanation for everything that occurs.

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(Cancer Sun , Gemini Mercury)

Mystery-mongering irritates them. They have little patience with sentimentalists who allow emotion to befog their thinking. They like to keep their ideas neatly sorted and defined, and make it a point to avoid people whose intellects fail to grasp concepts that to them seem patently obvious.

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(Taurus Sun  / Gemini Mercury)

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