A Bit About #Mercury #Astrology

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Astrologically, Mercury represents the principles of communication, mentality, thinking patterns, rationality and reasoning and adaptability and variability. Mercury governs schooling and education, the immediate environment of neighbors, siblings and cousins, transport over short distances, messages and forms of communication such as post, email and telephone, newspapers, journalism and writing, information gathering skills and physical dexterity. Commerce of all kinds , the exchange of goods  and ideas. The 1st-century poet Manilius described Mercury as an inconstant, vivacious and curious planet.

When Mercury goes retrograde, especially at the stationary points on either end of the retrograde periods, we can expect ‘blockages’ in all the matters that Mercury / Hermes dominates.

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Parents: Hermes was the son of Zeus, the King of the Gods, and the mountain Nymph Maea, who was a daughter of the Titan Atlas. Hermes was born inside a cave on Mount Cyllene in Arcadia, southern Greece.
Famous Children: Hermaphroditus and the Satyr Pan.
Hermes, the God’s Messenger and Conductor of Souls

Hermes was wearing wings on his sandals and therefore was the speediest of all Greek gods. Because of his speed, Hermes received the role of the messenger and conductor of souls to the Underworld. Hermes was the only Olympian god who was authorized to visit Heaven, Earth and also the Underworld and enjoyed this way popularity among all the Greek gods and spirits.

Hermes, the God of the Thieves
It is well known that Ancient Greeks endowed their gods with human weaknesses. Hermes, for instance, felt an irresistible impulse of stealing ever since his infancy and quickly developed as the god of the cheaters and the thieves.

Hermes’ special Relation to Zeus
Hermes was a messenger of all gods, but mostly he was known for performing duties for his father Zeus with great pleasure. Zeus appreciated Hermes’ wits highly and always asked for Hermes’ assistance throughout his decisions, especially when it came to cheating on his wife Hera.

Appearance of Hermes

Hermes was a young man, wearing traveling clothes, a flat hat known as “petasus” and winged sandals on his feet. Oftentimes he was also considered to have wings attached to his shoulders and hat.
Hermes usually held a winged staff with snakes wrapped around it in his hands in order to gain access everywhere. This staff helped Hermes to charm the gods or to wake up those who were tamed by the god of sleep.

Symbols of Hermes

The caduceus (his staff), the purse (or leather pouch), the winged sandals, the ram and the petasus (his hat).

About #Uranus, Ruler of #Aquarius

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Blue Man Group – I Feel Love

Inventions,Originality,Science,Electricity,Magic,The Occult,Light,Astrology,X-rays,radiation,Airplanes,spacecraft, Computer Technology,Cyberspace,Space Projects,Electronic Music,Techno, rave, Humanitarianism,Higher Intellect,Eccentricity,Bohemianism,Utopia,Kundalini Energy,Creative Will,Sudden Change, UFOlogy, Earthquakes

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Revolution , Dictators,Individualism,Rebellions,Ingenuity,sudden changes and shocks,Eureka, upheavals, Electronics, Crises, Surprises, Disruptions, accidents, Lightning, Science Fiction, Uplift, evolution, primates, humans, dolphins, intelligence, Awakenings, Inspiration, Connections, Futurism

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#Mercury in #Gemini .. Is like this.. #astrology


Mercury in Gemini

The person born with Mercury in Gemini has the type of purely logical mind that cannot see why human beings insist upon making so much trouble for themselves. They are convinced that if they would only behave reasonably and look at their problems realistically, most of their sufferings might be avoided. It frustrates them that they do not run their lives more intelligently. In defense, they periodically retreat into a world of abstract studies where they can indulge their proclivity for arranging items systematically.

Angelina Jolie urges UN Security Council

(Gemini Sun , Gemini Mercury)

As ruler of Gemini, Mercury can vent its volatile nature in this sign without being continually impeded by practical considerations. It is plain to see why this light-footed lord of the mind, nerves and all tubes and wires, and channels of communication should have suzerainty over the sign of connections. Mercury carries the messages that link the diverse elements within a given system and enables the system as whole to adjust to the environment. Thus, it bifurcates into the awareness of the inner and outer realms which enables the conscious ego to look two ways at once.

One can use their mind lucidly and effectively in order to convey their own or other people’s opinions. Their thinking is neither instinctive in the manner of the Moon, Mars, and Venus, nor intuitive in the manner of Uranus and Neptune, but is as strictly rational as they can make it. By clarifying issues and stringing ideas together in logical sequences, this person endeavors to make facts speak for themselves. They have a compulsion to find out why things behave as they do and are convinced that there must be a causal explanation for everything that occurs.

The Dalai Lama’s Funny Bird Story

(Cancer Sun , Gemini Mercury)

Mystery-mongering irritates them. They have little patience with sentimentalists who allow emotion to befog their thinking. They like to keep their ideas neatly sorted and defined, and make it a point to avoid people whose intellects fail to grasp concepts that to them seem patently obvious.

Audrey Hepburn

(Taurus Sun  / Gemini Mercury)

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#Mercury Rx and the #Uranus #Pluto Square

Mercury Retrograde and the Uranus-Pluto-Sun T-square

Lac-Mégantic Derailment

This past weekend has been a very ..interesting one.. as in the Chinese curse ” May you live in interesting times” .  here in the Us we have had 2 major transportation incidents, the Asiana Flight 214 accident and the  Lac-Mégantic Derailment ( image above) , and the aircrash in   Soldotna ,Alaska that killed ten.

Soldotna Plane Crash_Cham
10 reported dead in Soldotna plane crash

Whenever we have such catastrophic events, we astrologers go onto “High Alert” looking for the astrological indicators, such as the actions of retrograde planets, of ‘ill aspects’ and placements at the time and place of the incidents, in the hopes we will see these tragedies in advance ( not that the powers that be will heed us any mind).

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#Astronasty Alert Status is back to Condition Yellow

We are now back to an Astrological “Condition Yellow” .. Mercury is still retrograde and Saturn is stationary preparing to go direct in Scorpio and the Moon will soon be crossing the T-square with Uranus and Pluto. this will be a strong ,but brief , transit and the last of the ‘activators’ of said nasty little Pluto Uranus aspect.


This strong lunatic T-square will be at its height during the new moon in Cancer  July 7th and 8th.  This will bring many changes to the Cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn.

The Big Player that brings us to a “condition” yellow and not a “Condition Red” is the Grand Water Trine  between Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn, bringing with them deep amounts of understanding, of empathy and a joining of minds in the “collective consciousness” .

Once this Lunar T-square “nastiness” passes, I will return us to an astrological “Condition Green” for roughly 2 weeks, when Mars will begin to interact with the Pluto Uranus t-square. When Mars is in any ‘conflict’ with ANY planet, we will see a fight.. usually intense and usually violent.   After this Martial Mars action, we will be in the clear of any and all nastiness , outside of lunar transits, until late September, when Sun enters an oppositional T-square with Uranus and Pluto once again in Libra.

If you have strong Aries , Libra, Cancer or Capricorn in your chart , especially Sun, Moon, Rising, or Mars, The worst is not QUIET over… Please observe the no smoking signs, remain in your seats and await further instructions .