The #Mercury in #Pisces Mindset .. #Astrology

The #Mercury in #Pisces Mindset  .. #Astrology


Although Mercury is in detriment in Pisces, this position does not impair intelligence. It merely suggests that the mind resists the rule of pure logic and refuses to be pinned down to hard facts. There are, on the other hand, soft facts pertaining to the realms of instinct and intuition which are no less significant realities in the scheme of existence.

Mercury is also in its fall in this sign, showing that ultimately criticism and analysis must be dissolved in compassion, thereby making love rather than intellect the guiding principle of life.

Whimsical and poetic, Mercurial Pisceans are likely to succeed in fields which allow them to make use of their creative imagination and love of fantasy. Sometimes they are aware of circumstances and events without knowing how or why. Ideas filter through the pores of their minds, coming unbidden for obscure reasons. Pisceans may also have psychic or mediumistic talents.

Members of this sign are well suited to be writers, musicians, actors, or entertainers. Because of their mental permeability, they excel in any capacity in which the mind serves as a sounding board for the transmission of subtle impulses and impressions. Literally, their conduct depends upon the quality of the energies they conduct through their sensitive nervous systems. Often they appear to be absentminded and indecisive simply because they are functioning as instruments for, rather than originators of, the thoughts that waft them hither and yon.

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Personal #MercuryRx #Mercury #Retrograde Experience


Yes Mercury in Retrograde can have the effect of a blown electrical circuit.. often analogized in the from of communications even on the biological nature of the typical, communications breakdowns in transportation, on a human level of such things as the metaphorical “Lost Letters” or bad interpersonal expression, machines on the electrical level such as power supplies, connection of batteries, and such similar matters. Case in point, was having computer problems the night before this posting with the new hard drive.  I was also hearing pops of static at a moderate pace at time of the disruptions. came from a bad connection on one of my power connectors.. found it secured it and not a problem after that. Again, just a personal example. 🙂