#ValentinesDay #Astrology Forecast

Oh just a quickie.. Yes Valentines Day is coming so I have gone all hearts and cupids! 🙂


Once again the Cardinal signs, Capricorn, Cancer , Aries and Libra are going to be having a rough Saint Valentines with the continuing t-square of Jupiter (Retrograde)  , Pluto ( in conjunction with Venus) and Uranus in Aries.  Libra, if you aren’t ‘getting yourself some” Then do expect not getting ANY due to spats tiffs or fights with your beloveds (Librans ALWAYS have a ‘beloved’ ). Gifts exchanged will not be quiet as ??spectacular?? as in previous years. Fixed signs may find themselves feeling a bit blue , with some lessons of the heart to learn as Saturn continues to transit Scorpio.. watch yourself #Aquarius as this squares with the sun and retrograde mercury in your sing. This may also apply to Leos And Taurus as well for Mercury will be retro in Aqua, bringing missed appointments, dates or promises gone unfulfilled.

Earth signs will fare better than most as Venus will be direct in Capricorn, bringing desire to the Capricorns and setting up some very pleasant conditions for Taurus and Virgo

Air signs will have a grand time as sun and Mercury *(even though is retrograde) will bring about a very good visit from Cupid.

Of course, all of these are modified by moon, rising and venus signs . if you do not know what yours are, consult myself or any of my fellow astrologers. 

If you wish to gain a little more insight of your current , or future, relationships OR need some advice on what types are really best for you , contact me for a Relationship reading (synastry) or a ‘Love Forecast’ .

Welcome to the #Capricorn #Sun ! #Astrology

Welcome to the

Capricorn Sun !

Donna Summers

Donna Summers

Capricorn Traits and Themes

Ruled by Saturn


Business industrial gray metallic stubborn ‘goatish’ Capricious, horny, Concrete, Depressive. Time centered, hard, slow, purposeful. constructive. Capitalistic. Work oriented, Fatherly ,Authoritative. Earthy. Administrative. Serious. heartbreak. History. Material success. Teachers. Stuck. Embedded. Urban. Resolute. Institutions. Stern. The Devil. Materialistic. Managerial

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Welcome to the #Libra #Moon!

robert-palmer-irresistible 1

Libra Moon

Marriage, Peace, Justice, Equality, Partnerships, Relationships, Balance, Harmony, Creativity, Others/not self, just, sociable, refined, accommodating, kind,  diplomatic, likable, indecisive, respectful, artistic. charming, sociable, Idealistic, flirtatious . fair in manner, thoughts and appearance. Colors include all the pastel Shades of blue , green, pink and lilac .  Black/white/shades of gray . “We” not “I” . the “Liberal Arts”

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Featured Artist Miranda Lambert #Scorpio Sun #Capricorn Moon

Featured Artist : Miranda Lambert


Scorpio Sun , Capricorn Moon

Miranda is that very strong combination of the intensity of a Scorpio Sun with the rock solid resolve of the Capricorn Moon. This mix of Plutonian strength and Saturnian ‘Stiff Upper Lip’  is shown to its best in her video “Mama’s Broken Heart.

Scorpios never wear their heart on their sleeves like many other signs. They wish to dominate their relationships, sometimes even subconsciously and keep their true emotions covered deep inside.

People who are born with the sun in Scorpio are intelligent and have a certain depth that many find to be intimidating. They like to listen while themselves giving out very little.

The calm exterior hides the turbulent interior well. The intensity present in them helps them to move forward in times of struggle or stagnancy. Whenever they reach a standstill, they will somehow manage to solve the underlying problem with their tenacity and strong will.

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#Venus in #Capricorn #Astrology


Venus in Capricorn

Venus not only indicates ones desires but also ones sense of taste or style.. Black is their most sensuous color

Modest, Horny, Social Climber

People born with Venus in Capricorn tend to be relatable, hard working, and modest. They can have a rather dour expression – rarely smiling and looking very serious. But they often have a very dry, witty sense of humor. They can be very sarcastic and funny. They are incredibly classy and love to live luxuriously. They work very hard to afford expensive things. Though they are very practical and don’t like living above their means. They can also be huge penny-pinchers. They are social climbers who are always trying to move to the top of their social circle. They tend to make friends with people who can be of use to them in some way. They are very ambitious and can be quite cold.


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