Featured Artist – Janis Joplin #Capricorn #Sun #Cancer #Moon


Janis Joplin – Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon

Like many “Full Moon” natives, Janis is seen as a contradiction of personality in many ways.. Her Capricorn Sun brings to her a certain soberness and detachment with a yearning for status. ┬áHer Cancer Moon brings a deep emotional sensitivity and moodiness that was the source of her deep ‘blues’ sound.

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Welcome to the #Capricorn #Sun ! #Astrology

Welcome to the

Capricorn Sun !

Donna Summers

Donna Summers

Capricorn Traits and Themes

Ruled by Saturn


Business industrial gray metallic stubborn ‘goatish’ Capricious, horny, Concrete, Depressive. Time centered, hard, slow, purposeful. constructive. Capitalistic. Work oriented, Fatherly ,Authoritative. Earthy. Administrative. Serious. heartbreak. History. Material success. Teachers. Stuck. Embedded. Urban. Resolute. Institutions. Stern. The Devil. Materialistic. Managerial

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