Not the deepest #Astrology Post .. My Solar Return chart for discussion

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So here it is my Astro-tweeps my solar return chart for the upcoming year.  Discussions are now open Please use the comments section below . I do see Transiting Jupiter trining my natal Part of Fortune with the Transiting Moon in orb of also being conjunct with my natal pars Fortuna and Trine Jupiter transiting . Lilith squaring Saturn , well I don’t know exactly what to make of that for so little is still determined by Lilith aspects .

So Please Discuss and help me understand and in turn , perhaps YOU will gain understanding as well

Astrologer Read Thyself! #astrology

Astrologer Read Thyself!


I thought I would break up the celebrity reports and musical astrology posts to give my dear readers an example of a “personal transits” reading.  I was inspired to do so after getting into a bit of a tiff with one of my twitter friends that was completely out of character for the both of us .  Being the hardcore astrology geek that I am I decided to check my transits and found interesting things and an explanation for the ..ahem.. “clearing of the Air”

Argument Clinic

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