Selena an Justin , Sittin’ in a tree. Gonna take a look in #Astrology

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Compatibility

(just what do they see in each other?)


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Featured Celebrity @PINK! #Virgo #Sun #Aires #Moon #astrology

   pink 001 main

Ahhh P!NK !! Virgo Sun / Aries Moon. The Healer with the Heart of a Warrior.

No one in the industry is so devoted to showing and teaching girls how to be strong and independent young women like P!nk does.    A grand master of taking her personal childhood pains and trials as an adult to help others in similar situations heal.   And not taking any crap in the process.

I have always figured Pink to be an Aries Moon from her love of very short “butch” or military style hair and well, knives.  This also comes through in her very energetic and often combative vid styles .. plenty of fire

Family Portrait

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It was an Ambush! #astrology The power of daily transits

It Was an Ambush!


Well it wasn’t quite like that , but it was a rather nasty and unpleasant experience on Facebook .  Here I am, minding my own business . Doing what I do and not harming anyone when I noticed that I was mentioned by a friend of mine on facebook defending me ( which was really sweet and is what friends do) . So, being very curious on what the HELL was going on, I checked the original posting.  This (ahem) gentleman  HAd posted at least 200 words on how I was a con-artist and a scammer and oohh. trust it was a bunch of very mean and negative and hurtful disparagements, not just to me, but to Astrologers, tarot readers and other such seers and metaphysical peoples.

Apparently a friend of a friend of his wasn’t happy about the service an acquaintance of mine had provided, saw I was friends with her on Facebook and, having been blocked by her a long time ago, decided to point his “blaster” in my direction. Yes, I gave him a royal earful about “who do you think you are” and  “Who the HELL are you to begin with” and “I don’t know you so WTH?” .. followed by a good solid FB blocking.

Yes I am generally a calm, cool ,collected,individual(despite my aries moon haha) , but I will NOT abide getting put on blast for somone else’s issues. Just isnt right to AMBUSH peeps that way.

So, as all good astrologer’s do, I ran my transits for the moment and here is what I got.. :

Aug 2 transits

Transits for Yours Truly August 2nd

My astrologer cohorts will see right off the bat the two “astro-nasties” responsible (there might be more minor players but I am sticking with the major transits and planets) .

Gemini Moon ( emotional words) on my Midheaven ( concerning career/profession) in a square with my Uranus, Sun and Ascendant .   Whenever there is a transiting aspect to the ASC or any planets natal or transiting ones first house, this means a PERSONAL matter.

The following delineations are from cafe astrology dot com :

Transiting Moon square Natal Sun :

“You may become aware of a conflict between what you want and what you need. Even if you are not aware of this inner imbalance, it could cause some tensions or feelings of being unsupported by others or by circumstances in your life. This can cause you to be provocative with others, or it can spur you into finding answers to problems–the choice is yours! You may feel slightly out of step or out of synch, which could make you edgy. There could be a noticeable discrepancy between the demands of your personal life and what is expected of you at work. Minor problems in relationships are more likely during this transit. Arriving at decisions is harder now because you feel torn between choices. If this transit occurs during the night, you could have a restless sleep. Examining bad dreams can help you understand what is bothering you. Use the dynamic energy of this transit to identify problems in order to find solutions to them, instead of harping on what is going wrong in your life or taking it out on others.  ”

The key words here are provocation, unsupportive, conflict, torn between choices. These all apply very well.

Moon square Natal Uranus : “This is usually a period of domestic upsets and upheavals. The routines in your daily life are likely to be disrupted and these changes are likely to upset you for a few hours, especially if you are normally one who dislikes change. It can also be a time when you seek freedom from emotional responsibilities. You are likely to not want to be told what to do at this time as there is now a streak of emotional rebellion within you.” –

Essentially, Unexpected short lived conflict.. on my MC / 10th definitely  about career or profession.

Now I do have one long term astro nasty going on and that one is with good old Pluto . Pluto squaring my natal Saturn..

“New obstacles arise and increasing responsibilities make it difficult for you to expand and grow. New obligations are likely to arise both in your personal life and your work. Your sense of responsibility and sheer determination may not allow you to admit any feelings of vulnerability and sensitivity that may be coming to your attention. A power struggle could result, and a careful compromise may have to be found. “


So yes, this is another example of what happens when I DON’T read my morning transits, for I would have seen this one coming for today. Is also an interesting example of how Moon transits, though brief, can have a very strong effect on one’s daily life.   Oh and the person who decided to flame me out of the blue . Hey Tom .. Jokes on you pal, thank you for flaming me for it inspired me to write this and reinforced my faith in Astrology and all other metaphysical arts ..


Colors of the Zodiac #astrology color palettes

Colors of the Zodiac


I ran across these color palettes while doing research on my Moon Signs pages. I found it interesting how the following color schemes appeared as primary colors used by moon signs in female charts and as sun signs in men’s charts.

The Wiggles – Rainbow Of Colours

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