Now in Virgo Music and Videos, these are the themes to look for.. Healing ,Servitude, not in as much as a 'love slave' but as being in a supportive role. Faithfulness, Duty ( like in Beyonce's 'put a ring on it'), Sexual Guilt. Yep Virgos are just as sexualy driven as other signs BUT attach 'dirtiness' to it. Observations, watching the world go by. analysis, lots of questions in the lyrics. Color themes Browns, Greens, Black and Blue. Growing plants and small animals. In the lyrics, words are very carefully chosen for best effect. Medical References/healing . Perfection and lack thereof. realism

Gloria Estefan


Fiona Apple



Faith Hill

Amy Winehouse (Capricorn Moon)

Michael Jackson (Pisces Moon)

Freddie Mercury ( Queen) (Sag Moon)

This one really shows his Sagittarius Moon