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Erykah Badu pic

Erykah Badu

Pisces is symbolized by by two fish seen to be swimming in opposing directions or ,sometimes, following each other in a circle. Pisces is all about dissolution and that which lies beneath the surface. Pisceans are often seen to be a bit on the ‘lost’ side, for they aren’t entirely manifest on the physical plane. Even when awake, they seem to be more of a sleepwalker.

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune

Posiden 1

Pisces is Religious, is Psychoanalytical, more often than not deeply Christian or ,conversely, Metaphysical and spiritual.

Escapism is Terribly Piscean which does, indeed, explain their religious or metaphysical bents and also a very, very strong indication of the potential for alcoholism , drug abuse and depression.

Pisces is also associated with the 12th astrological house of hiding away, of secrets, of being hidden.

Musically, Songs about Prison, loss, ect. Listen also for a ‘bubbling’ vibrato in their voices and a muted ,underwater quality to their music.

Musical genre’s are Blues, Country ( especially the saddened sides) , Christian rock/gospel, Soul, and often found in the POP and Indy genres where they often sing of romance and of getting drunk or high.

With the above themes one can also add the visual themes of the dreamy fogged look and also the colors sea/pea green Indigo and Violet

Johnny Cash (yep He’s a Piscean) Feb 26th

Charlotte Church

George Harrison



(lol I spelled it right this time 😉

Kurt Cobain


Lou Reed / Velvet Underground

 James Taylor

Tone Loc

Carrie Underwood

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