Sincere, steadfast, bossy, energetic, independent, open, creative, solid, warm, jovial, generous, grand, idealistic, wants to be the center of attention, conspicuous, flamboyant, elegant, frank; creative self-expression.Domineering, egoistic, self-centered, demanding, bossy, lazy, vulgar, heavy, rowdy, noisy, inconsiderate
Look for colors gold,yellow, and the autumn colors such as bronze and golden reds. Sun symbols gold, brass or yellow 'discs'. Very 'Self' Centered. Golden hued lighting. Oh and Purple. The color of "Kings and Royalty"

Tori Amos

(Leo Sun , Libra Moon, Scorpio rising)

Crucify Myself

Cornflake Girl

Kid Creole


I’m a Wonderful Thing

Fatboy Slim

Weapon of Choice

Going Out of My Head

Mick Jagger

God Gave Me Everything

Say You Will

Whitney Houston

How Will I Know

Step by Step



Don’t Tell Me