#Virgo #Moon Music


Studious, Adaptable, Quiet, Fault-finding, Health conscious, Curious, Concerned For others, Alert, Realistic, Self-Disciplined, Perfectionistic, Self-critical, Detail Oriented, nursing, dietetics, teaching, and secretarial, accounting, bookkeeping, banking, or as literary critics, librarians, inventors, real estate operations, chemists, and druggists. fastidious, analytical, practical, thorough, wholesome, serving, demure. Realistic,  negative, standoffish, cold, nit-picky, hypochondriac. Helpful, Modest.  The Natural world, Colors of greens , browns, blues and grays.   In relationships, loyalty on both sides.   shows love in taking care of those little details and being of service in some way shape or form. Logical and solution oriented. Nurses. Healing.  The Working Classes. Self-critical.

Aries Sun / Virgo Moon

Joss Stone – You Had Me

Here are those earth tone browns and greens.. a purse of natural materials.. Virgo moon won’t ever try to woo one back after the greatest of Virgo moon sins.. disloyalty in a relationship

Jay Link/ Death and Taxes – Get Out Of My Head

Taurus Sun / Virgo Moon

Busta RhymesGimme Some More

though it is hard to see with Busta, those virgo moon indicators are there.. Perfection in his rhymes.. more of the browns and greens as secondary colors.

Gemini Sun / Virgo Moon

Waylon Jennings – I`ve Always Been Crazy

Cancer Sun / Virgo Moon

Beck – Girl

Leo Sun / Virgo Moon

Madonna – Borderline

Virgo Sun / Virgo Moon

Fiona Apple -Criminal

the grassy green carpeting, the wood-grained furnishings, green glass bottles the Vacuum cleaner ( cleanliness) .. feeling like a criminal due to cheating / disloyalty in the relationship.. this time on HER part.

Libra Sun / Virgo Moon

PJ Harvey – A Place Called Home

there are those earthy virgo color themes…

Scorpio Sun / Virgo Moon

k.d. lang – Constant Craving

Sagittarius Sun / Virgo Moon

Nicki Minaj – Right Thru Me (Clean Version)

Capricorn Sun /Virgo Moon

Aaliyah – We Need A Resolution

Aquarius Sun / Virgo Moon

Travis Tritt – Strong Enough To Be Your Man

Pisces Sun / Virgo Moon

Lou Reed – Perfect Day


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