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#Taurus #Moon Music

Taurus Moon is Very laid back, generally, and difficult to rile.  People with Taurus Moon natally in their charts are determined, steady, and exceed at any task that requires a sustained effort.

Taurus shares Venus as its Planetary Ruler , along with the sign of Libra , and as such Taurus Moon individuals are also very artistic’ generally drawn to the vocal arts, Music and song  as Taurus is associated with the throat . Hard work is valued and those arts that require hands . Farming and ranching are big draws to the Taurus moon, for these professions require the taurus effort  and ties to the earth   Consistency and assurances are important to Taurus moon.. Taurus moon is what I like to call one of the materialistic signs, for possessions and THINGS provide them with great comfort. If you are in a relationship with a Taurus Moon, do not be surprised if they show possessiveness towards you.  Taurus Moon folks love gifts , both giving and receiving.

As a Fixed sign, Taurus Moons may require a bit of poking and prodding to get started, and once on a given track, will take even more  prodding to get to change course.  Taurus Moons are very loving and caring yet will not accept any compromises.

The downfalls of Taurus moon peoples are jealousy , greed, excessive stubbornness when pushed and overindulgence of the senses.   Taurus Moon people are generally difficult to anger but, generally, can come on like a stampede. Mad as a Bull was coined with the Taurus person in mind.  Tauruses can also be extremely bossy (oh a cow reference) and yes, can have a Bully component to their characters.

Colors to look for for in the following videos as secondary themes are Greens Browns Yellows orange and Rose/pink  as well as whatever  thematic colors of the artist’s Sun sign.

Hard work, hands, feeling, sensing , traditions, and STRENGTH , bearing heavy loads etc.  are also strong themes .

Musical styles include all things traditional, from big band/swing to Jazz to country/western Bluegrass  and even traditional Rock-a-billy

Aries Sun / Taurus Moon

Norah Jones – Happy Pill

Thought you can see , in Norah’s case, her Aries Sun is showing in reds whites and blacks as secondaries in this vid, with the Taurus earth tones, farmhouse interior shots and nature earth themes in the exterior shots

Brian Seltzer –Stray Cats – Be Bop A Lula

Oh now here is Brian seltzer in his “Stray Cats”  days.. With his Aries Rising, many of his vids are very energetic , but his Taurus Moon draws him to the traditional Rockabilly and swing/big band stylings. Oh ,the Taurus Moon in the lyrics “She’s MY baby”   shows a bit of the possessiveness of the Taurus moon.

Taurus Sun / Taurus Moon

Kelly Clarkson – Stronger

Lots of strength references , the warm browns and many “earth based” shots. Oh and apparently the Taurus moon draws many taurus moons to Leather .. just saying.  the warm browns and greens as primaries are very prevalent in this vid as well as yellow and pinks in many of the dancer’s clothing.

Glenn Campbell -Rhinestone Cowboy

Listen to the Lyrics here .. “Loads of compromisin’ ” and bearing heavy loads .. and persisting with his work despite missing his love. a very vary double taurus theme

Gemini Sun /Taurus Moon

Bob Dylan – Cold Iron Bound

Big Big Big Taurus moon reference is the chorus “How does it Feel?”  Like a Rolling Stone  reflects the Taurus irresistible force of action once started rolling

 Siouxie Sioux – If It Doesn’t Kill You

Now Siouxie Sioux is a little more difficult to find her Taurus Moon, for she has a very dominant Pisces /Neptune or 8th house  but the sentiment of this song  “if it doesn’t kill you …” is back to the Taurus Moon theme of strength . Many of her videos DO however, run towards having nature settings or PINK as a secondary color adn many even have a nice sepia (warm earth tone) effect added.

Cancer Sun / Taurus Moon

Nicole Scherzinger – Wet

Oh the cancer Sun themes of water and the blues and greens of the sets are indeed Very Cancer Sun . Flicks of Pink colored lighting and Oh there is the Leather clothing . Lyrics included feeling and touching , very common Taurus keywords.  So is the concept of WAITING; Taurus moon patience .

UB40 – CAN’T Help Falling in Love

Now UB40 can be a little tricky to find the Taurus Moon component.. but it is there. In the choices of the Covers they do.. all easy traditionally loved songs. there also many shots of hands and the song ,itself is heavy of  the “taking of Hands” No changes. Many Cancer Sun componentes are there though, the blue tones of photography , Security cameras ect.

Leo Sun / Taurus Moon

Mick Jager – God Gave Me Everything I Want

Oh a song about WANT about Possessing or possessions. Leo component is the success and many many shots where golden yellow is the main thematic component. Watch for those Leo “Solar Disks” imagery.  Taurus themes Well leather, pink neon, things I NEED. Oh Slides of beef hanging .. a pretty direct Taurus reference . Leo Self certeed words I ME MINE SELF.

Demi Lovato – Skyscraper

Demi’s LEO side showing in many references to SELF I ME MY. In the shots of the vid, the SUN is dominant in the shots. the Taurus Moon, well all the natural locations, the mountains the dry lake ect. On a deeper level, this is a song of ENDURANCE “try to tear me down I will be rising from the ground” .   Lyrics ” catching teardrops in my HAND. “Take everything I have .”( Taurus Possessive/ materialistic  nature) .

Virgo Sun /Taurus Moon

Virgo colors of  grey, navy-blue, Green, gray, brown. the Taurus Moon Muted Earth tones and shots of pink.  Keywords to watch and listen for are practical, responsible, sensible, logical, analytical, highly discriminating, a careful planner, precise and punctual, dedicated, perfectionist, critical, health conscious, and somewhat introverted. Healing.

Cassie – Long Way 2 Go

The title itself acknowledges the Taurus theme of perseverance/endurance. Her Virgo side, well, very Umm. .Discerning/picky. Sexuality being BAD are often a theme . Lots of TOUCHING in the lyrics . Plenty of Earth Tones in this vid , as well as big shots of that Taurean Pinks.  Bad girls / bad boys .

Baz Lurhman -Wear Sunscreen

The Virgonian penchant to helping , giving advice.The Taurus Moon makes it PRACTICAL advice.  Tons of lyrical references to both the Virgo and Taurus vibes . Themes are visible in both colors and the use soft semi-science class documentary styling.  Taurus Moon “the race is long work hard ” .

Libra Sun / Taurus Moon

Libra Sun is all about fairness and partnership. Libra is the naturally associated sign to the 7th house of relationships and partnerships. the Two that become as one is a Very Libran ideal. Libra is idealistic, a peacemaker, diplomatic, refined, poised, gracious, kind, courteous, fair-minded, sociable, charming, artistically creative, affable, cooperative, extroverted, and usually somewhat indecisive. In that both Libra and Taurus are flip sides of Venus ( Libra venus Beauty and Desire , Taurus Venus Creativity and Want).

Keyshia Cole – Take Me Away

Justin Nozuka – After Tonight

Scorpio Sun / Taurus Moon

Patti Page – Sentimental Reasons



Sagittarius Sun / Taurus Moon

Christina Aguilera – Ain’t No Other man

Jim Morrison & The Doors – I’m Gonna Love You

Capricorn Sun / Taurus Moon

Odetta – Movin’ It On (1970)

This song is Full of Taurus Moon Persistence.  Keep On Movin’ it on .. If ya cant fly , run. if you cant run ,walk.if you cant walk, crawl . Also Deep Tradition is a big Taurus Moon theme

Rob Zombie – Never Gonna Stop

Oh I am sorry, I threw a 180 at you, dear reader, Going From Ms. Odetta’s Folk Blues and hymnal styling to Rob Zombies ” oh I made a deal with the Devil” Rock.   Here come those Taurus lyrical themes again, Persistence -“Never Gonna Stop” .  WANT ( is a Taurus matter “I Want” ) (Scream if you want it ,Cause I want it more)  .    Watch for the Pinks, Pale blues and Greens and Pastels as secondary color themes. In the clothing of the female extras , in the opening “Tribute” shots to “A Clockwork Orange”,  The Lighting behind the drummer in the “red Room” shots.

Aquarius Sun /Taurus Moon

Alicia Keys – This Girl Is On Fire

Lyrically, This song does reflect Alicia’s Aquarius side , is a song of Independence (nothing holding her down) (got her head in the clouds) ect. Her Taurus Moon expresses itself in the phrases ” Not backing down”, “Got her feet on the ground” . In the Visual themes, the Taurus Colors of Pink, Pale Blue and Green ( including the emerald green of her Chinese cut outfit) are very prominent. The Taurus Moon tendency towards traditional and provincial shows several times in the sets, the french provincial wallpaper in her solo shots  , the “country” style kitchen in a few other shots.. Big emphasis on HANDS , both while she listens to the radio and in working , snapping beans.. and physically  TOUCHING others .

Darren Criss performs “Not Alone” at Trevor Live

Though this is just Daren ( glee , harry potter on stage) on the piano, listen to the themes in the lyrics, Persistence and possessiveness ( am am NEVER gonna let you go)  and the Aquarian dislike of being alone and the Aquarian concern of how “heartless the world can be”

Pisces Sun /Taurus Moon

Jeanette Biedermann-How its got to be

Oh the Pisces side is very visible in both the watery reflection of the floor in the dance sequences and in the “sea foam green” coloring of the lighting in the “street racer” sequences. Taurus Moon , plenty of leather in Jeanette’s wardrobe.  Having to prove oneself in Love is a very taurus sentiment. To the Taurus Moon, this can often express as proving oneself in a materialistic, tangible,  REAL way.  “Got to gotta getting gonna be” all very strong Taurus Moon words . This is how it is going to be ( stubborn inflexible Taurus) .  Pisces carries with it ,at times, a delusional ( not in the mental psych way) IDEALIZED  approach to relationships.

Fats Domino – I’m Walkin’

Again lets listen to some of the lyrics, this is where the themes prevail. “I’m Walking’ ”  and “I’m Talking’ ” walking the walk, talking the talk is a very Taurus thing to say and think.   ‘m hopin’ That you come back to me. There is the Pisces showing HOPE is a very powerful Piscean matter.  “watcha gonna do when the well runs dry” Wells, A source of water, but also a Taurean  metaphor for when the money dries up, a materialistic phrase .   Waiting, is taurian, shows persistence.   Crying tears and hiding are all Piscean words…

Listen  to the slow pace of the music itself, a slow loping pace.


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