#Sagittarius #Moon Music

Sagittarius Moon


gullible, Optimistic, Eternally cheerful, Exploitative, Outlaw, Freedom seeking, Will not be constrained, craves anything new, foreign cultures and ideas, Spiritual ( again freedom) , Intelligent, fearless, All things wild , Horses, Birds and flight, tactless, Boastful, earthy deep Greens and browns, deep blues, shades of violet and purple.  Adventurous,  prone to the proverbial ” foot in mouth” syndrome.   Philosophical, often well educated, drawn to the exotic.  Rule breakers. Rebels.  Bikers. gamblers. “Truth -Sayers”. Trains.

Aries Sun/Sagittarius Moon


Tim Curry

Taurus Sun /Sagittarius Moon

Wreckless Eric


Gemini Sun /Sagittarius Moon

Melissa Etheridge

Barry Manilow

Cancer Sun / Sagittarius Moon

Kim Carnes

KT Tunstall

Leo Sun /Sagittarius Moon

Michelle Williams



Virgo Sun / Sagittarius Moon

Freddie Mercury / Queen

Billy Preston

Libra Sun / Sagittarius Moon

Toni Braxton

John Mayer

Scorpio Sun /Sagittarius Moon

Kelly Osbourne


Sagittarius Sun /Sagittarius Moon

Natasha Bedingfield

Randy Newman

Capricorn Sun /Sagittarius Moon

Ray Price

Ryan Star

Aquarius Sun / Sagittarius Moon

Alice Cooper

Carol King

Pisces Sun/ Sagittarius Moon

Wilson Pickett

John Doe

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