#Pisces #Moon Music

Pisces Moon Music


intuitive, dreamy, artistic, humane, sympathetic, sensitive, compassionate, perceptive, tender, impressionable, oblivious, fantasies, empathic, intuitive, religious, the “collective unconscious” , spiritual, Charitable, Hospitals, prisons, jails, churches, dissolution, dissolving, psychism, psychiatric, seclusion, Monasteries, monks, clerics, psychology, metaphysics,  sentimental  , retreating, submerging, oceans and rivers, deep, enigmatic, ambivalent,  transcendent, retiring and retreats ,escapist, gullibility,  affectionate, romantic, sea foam greens, oceanic blues,  lavenders, whites, rose pink.  poetic, Divinity and the Divine. Clouds and Fog.  Mists.  That which conceals , Captains , Ships, Marine, River, brook, Stream,  drugs and alcohol ,escape,  The Night, Sleep, Mysteries,Pearls, Religion, magic , illusion , faith, ghosts, afterlife, angels, death, re-birth, resurrection, Anesthisa

Aires Sun / Pisces Moon


Dusty Springfield

Taurus Sun / Pisces Moon


B0b Seger

Gemini Sun /Pisces Moon

Kanye West

Blake Shelton

Cancer Sun / Pisces Moon

Debbie Harry / Blondie

Della Reese

Leo Sun /Pisces Moon

James Morrison

Lil B

Virgo Sun / Pisces Moon

Michael Jackson – Ghost


Libra Sun / Pisces Moon

Meat Loaf

Marie Osmond

Scorpio Sun / Pisces Moon



Sagittarius Sun /Pisces Moon

Little Richard

Frank Sinatra

Capricorn Sun /Pisces Moon

Elvis Presley

John Denver

Aquarius Sun / Pisces Moon

Garth Brooks

Billy Ocean

Pisces Sun / Pisces Moon


Erykah Badu

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