#Capricorn #Moon Music

Capricorn Moon Music


Reserved, Grasping, Stable, Self-conscious, Structured, Unsympathetic,Cold, Administrative, Business-minded,  ambitious, disciplined, stable, traditional, responsible, determined, dogmatic, negative, materialistic, melancholic, stern, depressive, conservative, realistic, Goal-oriented, self-controlled,  strict, devoted, status seeking, mature, independent , cautious. Hard working, stoic, reserved, struggles, restrained, authoritative/authorities .   The”blues” . “Hard Rock”,  Gray/ muted purples/violet, browns, business suit colors.  Cold, Insensitive, Winter, Pragmatic, constrained, restrained. Pessimistic and patient . Urban. Big City. Time. Formalities. Buildings.

Aries Sun /Capricorn Moon

Billie Holiday


Taurus Sun /Capricorn Moon


Sheena Easton

Gemini Sun / Capricorn Moon

Stevie Nicks

Wynonna Judd

Cancer Sun / Capricorn Moon

Carly Simon

Ashley Tisdale

Leo Sun / Capricorn Moon

Martina McBride

Joe Jackson

Virgo Sun / Capricorn Moon

Amy Winehouse

Leann Rimes

Libra Sun / Capricorn Moon

John Cougar Mellencamp

Marty Robbins

Scorpio Sun / Capricorn Moon

Miranda Lambert

Glenn Frey

Sagittarius Sun / Capricorn Moon

Ozzy Osbourne

Nelly Furtado

Capricorn Sun /Capricorn Moon

Annie Lennox

Dave Matthews

Aquarius Sun /Capricorn Moon

Peter Gabriel

Neil Diamond

Pisces Sun / Capricorn Moon


Bon Jovi

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