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I like to say that those people with Moon in Aries have the Heart of a Warrior. They need to be emotionally independent yet insensitive to the emotional needs of others.  It isn't that they INTEND to be insensitive, they just have an inability to "look before they leap" or to recognize who they may harm.  They can often be seen as combative, spoiling for a conflict, but this is just because they don't like opposition obstacles blockages. Aries Moons can be both Impulsive yet Inspirational.  Their default emotional approach to conflicts can be flares of temper or impulsive actions that can actually bite them back , making the conflict worse.    Aries Moon People do seem to be DRAWN into all things Military, Combative or Competitive.   Aries Moon can be thought of as having DRIVE and PASSION and , for good or ill,  Are drawn to the NEW things and may become obsessed with WINNING . Love may be seen as some form of Battlefield or described as fleeting. A Big Theme trend are  wanting or being HEROS. Defenders  of the Weak  and oppressed. SURVIVORS.  Love is many times expressed through raw passionate sexuality. Lots of ACTION words lots of VERBS.  Aries Moons like to START things not always FINISH , but always START or INSTIGATE . Aries Moons are also all about living in the MOMENT.

Aries Moon People often have a some form of Violence in their childhood past, if not directly , then indirectly in a very profound way.  Their Mother image would be of some form of Warrior OR a combative Maternal relationship, Either Directly or Indirectly. Oh and VERY important ,and often missed,ARIES MOON theme is FIRE.

Aries Sun /Aries Moon

Kimbra -Warrior ( see the Aries Sun page)

Nathan Fillion AKA Malcom Reynolds

Malcolm,  wanting to return some ill gotten funds, is BLOCKED from that end by Crow ( Scary Dude with the face tat) , results to an Impulsive act ( kicking Crow into the Engine Intake). This time It worked often times, not so much.

( I know wasn’t a music video but apparently the Aries Sun/ Aires Moon type aren’t much for verse and rhyme or song, well maybe a good battle anthem)

Taurus Sun/Aries Moon

Enrique Iglesias -Hero

Heros and Heroines are VERY Arian themes

Janet Jackson -Rhythm Nation

(Military cut Costumes, “Close Order Drill” style dance, HEAVY “Drums n Bugles”

Gemini Sun/Aries Moon

Lionel Richie – All Night Long

(what to look for , red and yellow (Aries colors) clothing (moon associates with clothing) the camo appearance of the Policeman (Police are warriors and uniforms. A very ACTIVE (lots of dance some of the same close order drill style choreography, lots of those action words Play, Start ,ect. Aries Moon does like their play, being the infants of the Zodiac ))  There are also the Gemini sun themes of dancers in PAIRS

Angelina Jolie Laura Croft Tomb Raider

(Of course the Action adventure genera draws the Aries Moon. Interesting note, the very Gemini /Aries Dual Pistols)

Cancer Sun / Aries Moon

Selena Gomez & The Scene – Hit The Lights

(Hitting, as in the title, is very Aries Moon of you, Selena, so is being lost in the moment)

Duffy – Stepping Stone

Duffy (UK singer) is an interesting case. Her Aires side is a little harder to suss out.. But he red clothes and inclusion of Aries Red White and Black as as secondary color theme to the set of the video.

Leo Sun/Aries Moon

Whitney Houston – How Will I Know

The Beloved and sorely Missed Whitney Houston Shows her Aries Moon side Through INSPIRING (yes that is an Aries ‘thang’ ) others to be their best (to be winners) .  In “How Will I Know” the Color RED makes several guest appearances in the color them, alongside the Leo Yellows and Royal Purples.

Antonio Banderas -Desperado

TheNOBLE warrior. Themes PRIDE and NOBILITY along with the Aries Moon Warrior Heart

Virgo Sun / Aries Moon

P!NK – Don’t Let Me Get Me

Pink wears her Warrior Heart Proudly and ,as is public knowledge, undergone the experience of physical Violence in her childhood (domestic abuses) ( as have I in the form of Bullies) . Pink’s Songs and Videos all Have the Virgo Sub-Context of healing But they ALSO have that strong Aries them of fighting , fire, and the thematic colors of red black and white.

Nas – Street Dreams

Nas’s (aka Nasty Nas) Given Name, Nasir, is Arabic for Helper Protector. I find this very appropriate for his Virgo ( helper) sun and his Aries (Protector) Moon.  This Helper/Protector theme runs strong in his songs and in his videos. Street Dreams is about both healing and protecting his home , hood and family. The usual Color themes of Aries Red White and ,this time Gold ( one of Aries “sub themes” )

Libra Sun/Aries Moon

Inna -HOT

Fairly Straight forward , the Lyrics for hot “You belong to me. I belong to you.” is a VERY Libra Sun sentiment where Libras are VERY Partnership/Desire related . “Two become as One”. BUT her Aries Moon independent streak also comes through, as well as the Aries Moon PASSION. Again there are those Aries Moon color themes of red black white (some gold)

T.I. -Whatever You Like

If you haven’t found those Aries Moon “sub themes” You haven’t been paying attention in class 😀  the Pastel Primary color themes of the Libra Sun-signs are also there as primary themes, as well as the Libra do anything for a relationship (have whatever you like) Primary theme in the song and the video

Scorpion Sun Aries Moon

SOKO – I’ll Kill Her

The “Black Widow” combination for women, the Scorpio Sun Aries Moon can take pure ardent passion and sexuality and turn it into thoughts of deep unabiding revenge.  “No Hell that the fury of a woman scorn.” MUST have been coined but the man that had the deep misfortune to break the Scorpio ?Aries woman’s heart.  The Scorp Sun Aries Moon woman can love with a depth of fire, passion and intensity that very very few, with the exception of Perhaps the Aries/Scorpio Male or , indeed another Scorpion.

Little Willie John – Fever

Scorpio Sun Aries Moon is the living personification of DEEP DEEP passion ,.they love like know other and hurt like no other .  During my research for these musical moonsign pages, I have seen more than a few surgeons and brutal murderers. These ore the quiet ones ya need to look for,. Their sheer intensity in all matters won’t win many friends HOWEVER If they are blessed with mercury venus or mars in Sadge, Like Comedian Actor Rob Schneider   “Deuce Bigalow”, This intensity can take them very very far.

Sagittarius Sun /Aries Moon

Chris Robinson -Black Crows -Love is Now

The Philosopher Warrior  defiant and extremely self-confident , Excitement, adventure, advancement , Freedom seeking and very Philosophically minded . The Explorer and pioneer spirit in all things including Love. Very Philosophical in matters of the heart. Look and listen for those freedom words such as Sky Wind Birds and Wings.  The Aries Component is the NOW NOW NOW impatience . Such things as feeling boxed in and needing to be set free these are all very strong  Sadge/Aries themes as well as fighting for truth and justice . Not uncommon in the fields of journalism ,Writing, and Scientific Research. Mark Twain/Samuel Clements is a FINE example  of this Philosopher/Warrior. Chris gained a reputation for having a very sincere and honest songwriting ability, yet the restles Sadge Aries fire did result in his eventually leaving the Black Crows to find his own way.

Capricorn Sun /Aries Moon

The Capricorn Sun is all about material Status, sense of order, obedience to responsibility , control, practicality, single-mindedness, Compensation ( Who is paying for this?) , Sense of DUTY.  Where Capricorn does NOT care for the proverbial “loose cannon” that is EXACTLY what the Aries Moon energy can manifest as  this can cause great conflict with the native Capricorn.

Capricorn Colors are what I like to call the “business suit ” colors darker earth tones; Greys , browns greens blues . Capricorn themes are urban and , sometimes, can come across as serious to the side of depressing.  some other Capricorn themes are Asphalt, Paving, Bricks and mortar, Stone.

Dido – White Flag

Charo – Cuchi Cuchi

Both the Aries Moon sexuality AND the Capricorn Sun Money making rolled up in a nice package.

Aquarius Sun / Aries Moon

Aquarius primary colors are : Blue, Blue-green, Grey, Black.  The Aquarius Sun is very very gregarious, so look in music vids for crowds of peeps.  Aquarius sun can also be very INVENTIVE and  often seen as “off-beat” and Unusual. Truth-seeker, honest, probing, popular, amiable, broad-minded, creative, changing, hesitant, eccentric and inefficient. Given to flashes of brilliance, at times.  Combined with the Aries Moon, there is a strong energy and lack of fear when it comes to lateral thinking.  Stroboscopic effects, Flashes of light.

Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment

Well there are those Aquarius visual themes, Lots of blues and blue-greens but muted in tone. Strobe like “quick cuts” in the production Adam is also showing his Aries Moon in the energy present in the video AND the Aries Moon penchant, as in Janet Jackson’s videos, to Uniform-ish costumes  and RED as a secondary color theme.

Cat Power -Greatest

In This example, the primary Aqua colors are there the muted blue/grey of the bowling alley. Watching People. Secondaries are Bowling ( sports are very Aries Moon) and the color red as a cameo on the bowlers’ clothing.

Pisces Sun /Aries Moon

Well now, if you haven’t sussed out the Pisces Sun vibes from my Musical Zodiac page , Here are a few indicators WATER, Dissolution, Loosing ones self , be it to a Higher Power , to love , to our dreams or intoxicants.  Imaginative, and therefore creative. You can never be an egoist. You are also very flexible, and easily adapt to situations. Your other virtues are that you are compassionate, tolerant, dedicated, an sincere. There is also a strong MYSTICAL bent to the Pisces Sun.  Add to this the Aries Moon “warrior’s heart” . Of course look for the Aries uniforms , contests competition combat. Colors , of course Aries red yellow black white and the Pisces Colors of Mauve, Lilac, Purple, Violet, Sea green.  Dreams and dream sequences

Rhianna – Diamonds

Rhianna also had a starring role in the NAVAL WARFARE Sci-Fi ACTION movie “Battleship”

David Gilmour / Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb

  Of course Pink Floyd is most ALWAYS enjoyed under the influence, can be seen as a religious experience. Watch for , in the lyrics, those Aries Moon references, like “fever” and war references as well.   many of David Gilmore’s contributions to Pink Floyd are dreamlike and often deals with war, hate and other Aries Moon issues.

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